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Dan Uyemura | CEO of PushPress

Dan Uyemura’s Expertise on Member Retention and Engagement

Dan Uyemura | CEO of PushPress

Dan Uyemura’s Expertise on Member Retention and Engagement

Dan Uyemura | CEO of PushPress



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Show Notes

Join us on the latest episode of the GSD Show, where we delve into the art of gym retention with Dan Uyemura, CEO of PushPress. Discover the transformative strategies that have reshaped gym member engagement and profitability, offering you actionable insights to propel your fitness business forward.

Navigating the Journey to Gym Success

Learn from Dan’s own experiences, from overcoming personal and professional hurdles to spearheading innovative retention tactics. His story isn’t just inspiring—it’s a roadmap for gym owners striving for excellence in a competitive industry.

The Science Behind Member Retention

Dan reveals the critical metrics that signal success, emphasizing the importance of consistent member attendance and engagement. Understand the pivotal ‘Northstar Metric’ and how it can guide your gym towards unprecedented growth.

Practical Steps to Enhance Gym Retention

We break down Dan’s methodology into practical, implementable steps. Whether it’s optimizing member check-ins or leveraging feedback, these strategies are designed to keep your gym thriving and your members committed. Beyond these individual-focused strategies, diversifying your membership options, like incorporating corporate gym memberships, can further stabilize and grow your member base.

Tune in to glean wisdom from a trailblazer in the fitness industry, and start applying these game-changing tactics to your gym today. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your approach to member retention and secure a profitable future for your fitness venture.

To deepen your understanding of member needs and enhance your retention strategies, explore our resource ‘21 Questions to Ask Your Members.‘ These targeted inquiries can help you gather actionable feedback and foster a more engaging gym environment.

21 questions to ask your top 25 members

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