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Selling Corporate Gym Memberships

A businessman at a gym after signing up for a corporate gym membership.

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Maximizing Profit with Corporate Gym Memberships

Employee well-being has become a top priority for corporate organizations as companies recognize the value of a healthy and happy workforce. A healthy workforce is more productive and engaged and has greater job satisfaction. Regular exercising helps reduce absenteeism, employee turnover, and healthcare costs.

A corporate gym membership is an employer-supported initiative to provide employees access to a local fitness facility at an affordable cost. It’s an easy way to promote wellness within the workplace, encourage healthy habits, and provide relief from the corporate grind. Typically, an employer will partner with a local gym and arrange a corporate membership plan that provides their employees with discounts, special offers, and exclusive packages.

Selling corporate gym memberships positions you as an expert corporate wellness consultant, giving you an edge over the competition. You need strategic planning, corporate consulting skills, and effective sales and marketing strategies to maximize profits. Read on for top tips on maximizing profits with a corporate gym membership.

Factors to Consider when Creating a Corporate Gym Membership

Corporate gym memberships’ success relies on understanding your clients’ needs and wants. Consider the following factors to create a corporate membership plan that meets their expectations:

Range of Facilities

What types of facilities will the corporate clients be interested in? Do they need a full-service gym with all the latest equipment and amenities or a more streamlined option with basic facilities? Assess your gym’s equipment, layout, and amenities to determine which corporate gym memberships suit your clientele best.

Employee Demographics

Understand who your corporate gym members are. Know their age, gender, lifestyle preferences, and fitness levels and tailor the offering to meet their needs. A younger corporate clientele may prefer high-intensity workouts, strength training, and outdoor activities, while corporate clients in their 50s and 60s may lean more toward low-impact exercise classes, personal training, and yoga.


How much is the company willing to pay for corporate gym memberships? Assess their budget and create a corporate gym membership package within their price range. Offer different pricing options such as monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.


Where is your gym located in relation to corporate offices? Connect with corporate clients who are within a reasonable distance from your gym. You don’t want corporate members driving too far out of their way to access your gym. A long distance can affect their morale, energy, and enthusiasm.

These factors will help you create an effective, profitable, and irresistible corporate gym membership plan. You do, however, need a solid strategy and proven tactics to reap the rewards.

6 Strategies to Maximize Profits with Corporate Gym Memberships

Follow these six strategies to maximize the profits from corporate gym memberships:

1. Research, Research, Research

Research corporate clients and their interests before pitching your services. Get to know their corporate culture, demographics, and budget. Don’t drop in with a corporate gym membership plan and expect them to sign up on the spot. You must understand their needs, wants, and preferences first. 

Find out who you need to contact, how to reach them, and what questions to ask. You can also research what your local fitness facilities offer corporate clients, including pricing, features, and discounts, and adjust your offer accordingly.

2. Connect with Corporate Clients

It’s all about relationships. Reach out to corporate clients and build relationships with them. Connect with company decision-makers at networking events, local business expos, and corporate seminars. 

Introduce yourself, provide corporate wellness solutions, explain how corporate gym memberships can benefit their employees, and make a great first impression. Dress the part, be friendly and knowledgeable, and practice your corporate consulting skills.

3. Create a Compelling Offer

Develop an irresistible offer tailored to your client’s needs, budget, and expectations. Offer discounts, group rates, exclusive access to facilities and equipment, and personal training sessions. 

Explain what the package entails, the benefits, and the cost. Focus on your strengths, features, and value proposition to create a compelling offer. Make the offer clear, concise, and easy to digest. Don’t bombard them with too much information at once.

4. Showcase Your Expertise

Demonstrate your expertise and share success stories about corporate gym memberships. Showcase how you’ve helped other companies improve employee wellness, reduce healthcare costs, and boost morale through regular exercise. 

Provide data and facts to back up your claims. Talk about the latest trends in the corporate gym industry, the latest technology and equipment you have at your disposal, and how you can help them reach their goals. Clients are more likely to sign up if they trust your expertise and know you can deliver results.

5. Develop a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Create a comprehensive marketing plan to promote your corporate gym membership packages. Develop an online and offline presence through digital marketing, social media, search engine optimization, and email campaigns. Leverage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to target the right demographic and develop a content strategy to position yourself as an authority in the fitness industry. 

Build relationships with influencers, bloggers, and corporate wellness professionals to expand your reach. Alternatively, create a referral program to incentivize existing clients to spread the word. Measure, analyze, and optimize your campaigns regularly for maximum ROI.

6. Follow Up 

You’ve worked hard to create a compelling offer and market your services to corporate clients. Follow up with them regularly to gauge their interest in your proposal. Stay in touch with decision-makers and keep them updated on your progress. Ask for feedback and show that you value their input. Be flexible and make adjustments to your offer if necessary. 

Research, relationships, and comprehensive marketing are the key to maximizing profits with corporate gym memberships. Equip yourself with the knowledge, resources, and strategies to make a successful pitch. Develop an irresistible offer, showcase your expertise, and follow up until you get the deal. 

Gym Pros at Loud Rumor Can Help

Developing and marketing a corporate gym membership plan is easier said than done. Running a profitable fitness facility requires specialized expertise, knowledge, and resources. That’s why you need the help of experts like us at Loud Rumor. We understand what it takes to create an attractive and effective corporate gym membership package that your clients will love. 

Our team of professionals is experienced in optimizing marketing campaigns and expanding your reach. Don’t let the complexities of running a corporate gym membership program slow you down. Click the button below to learn more and schedule your FREE call so that we can get to know your studio.

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