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Gym owners from all over the world hit some massive goals this past year. They got more members, more money & more minutes back in their day. Check it out!


We’re honored to have worked with over 3,100 fitness studios and 50+ major fitness studio franchises throughout the world. Check out what they have to say about us.

True Results Fitness CentersBrian & Zach
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"By the end of the year we should be up 200%, if not 300%. Every single day we have a new opportunity, we’re more organized, we have intentional things that we do… all those things are priceless. After starting this, literally day one, it made the biggest impact changing from doing what we were doing to transitioning to Loud Rumor."
Members since 2023
Member since October 2021
barre3 KnoxvilleSarena Montgomery
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When Sarena joined the Mastermind program, she started implementing instantly. In just 15 months she went from 90 members to 328 and increased revenue by over 150% . She has now opened up her second location due to the success of the first one!
MTK GymEdwin & Neil
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From $60K to $130K in 13 months! “We’ve been implementing everything we’ve been taught. And since then we’ve seen tremendous success! We’re going nationwide…we want to build a 100 MILLION dollar company in the next 5 years.”
Members since June 2022
Member since August 2022
TriFit WellnessLaurel Roach
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"I actually almost closed my studio... After talking with my head coach, I said, 'I don’t want to give up, are we in this together?' After that we joined Loud Rumor and in just 4 months we saw an additional $15K added to our monthly revenue! A couple of years ago if I saw these numbers on my MindBody, my mind would be blown!"
The CollectiveJeremy & Luis
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"We added $30k in just 3 months!... The relationships with other gym owners, the quarterly bootcamps, the strategies we can take back and teach to our team…it’s priceless! As we started implementing, we hit that next tier and we hit the $73K mark in 3 months!"
Members since April 2020

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Member since June 2020
X3 SportsMike Littrel
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"Working with Loud Rumor, we’ve increased our revenue back to pre-COVID numbers with 70% of the membership base we used to have, so we’re earning MORE per member. When scaling a company – I can’t be everywhere at once. Now I’m able to give my team the training that’s in the [Mastermind] portal."
Club PilatesLexi Stinger
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I was able to buy my first house!... I used to think these goals I had were 5 years down the line… I hit them in 8 months. When I took over as regional manager, our 3 locations grew to $200K in monthly recurring revenue! For any owner listening – you have to do it. You’ll be investing in your people and that investment is going to bring loyalty.
Member since June 2020
Iron Tribe FitnessForrest Walden
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"What we really liked about working with Loud Rumor is that we have someone assigned to us, who got to know our culture, the types of scripts that work best for our brand. The biggest growth we’ve had hasn’t been from paid ads or anything we’ve done through marketing. It’s been referral asks and overcoming obstacles and sales training for my managers and teams."
Illuminate SweatColby & Julia Gibson
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"In December 2021 we were at $19,500 MRR but with Loud Rumor’s help 4 months later we were at $36,000 MRR. The resources are unending! We knew any problem we faced, there was a solution or a script to lead us to success."
Members since October 2020

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Member since March 2022
The Trainer PageNick Page
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"Prior to Loud Rumor I was never able to get to my goal…now with Loud Rumor I know every single step I need to take to get there. There’s no more guessing and I learned all that from joining Loud Rumor. I binged watched Loud Rumor’s videos and applied 2 things that led to my gym having a really great month!"
F45 Murrieta NorthBrad & Cara Coonradt
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"Loud Rumor helped us with location one so much so, that it paid dividends when we went to open location number two. Everything that we’ve learned and implemented is helping us be successful in our two locations."
Members since June 2021
BEYOND Pilates FriscoBeth Crain
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"Loud Rumor gave me the tools and resources I needed to grow. I went from feeling like it was over to finally collecting a paycheck to now, opening another location! If I hit a rough patch in my business and had to look at what to cut from my line-item budget I’d pay my rent, I’d pay my employees, and I’d pay Loud Rumor."
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"The Leads and the Marketing is just the cherry on top. I’ve never had more leads from any other agency—it’s not even close—but Loud Rumor teaches my team how to close those leads. I’ve been in the industry for 13 years, grew 14 SOLDIERFIT franchise locations, and I’m still learning from Loud Rumor."
Member since July 2020
Farrell's eXtreme BodyshapingCindi Nikituk
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"Before joining Loud Rumor, I didn’t have a lot of direction. The people in the franchise who use Loud Rumor are in the top 10 of the franchise, so if you want to grow & learn how to run your business it’s a really great company to hire. I feel like Loud Rumor is very personable and they really want to get to know you and what you do and they genuinely want to help you."
Hooked KickboxingNate Murdakhayev
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"Now we’re not making errors anymore because we’re going by what is provided through Loud Rumor. My team is very involved with all the Loud Rumor stuff as well. We go through the trainings together and we absolutely love it. If I didn’t choose Loud Rumor, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now with our studio’s growth."
Member since March 2021
SPENGA SugarlandSonal Kulkarni
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"For anyone who is thinking of working with Loud Rumor, I would 100 percent recommend them to you. They have generated a ton of leads for my studio and everyone there is very helpful. From the very beginning, Loud Rumor has been by my side. I couldn’t have asked for more!"
Iron Den FitnessBilly Jones
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"A few months ago I was thinking I might have to go manage a Home Depot or something… we didn’t know what was going to happen. But now that we’re working with Loud Rumor, we’ve had some unprecedented growth. Prior to Loud Rumor, we were stuck at $22k per month, but since Loud Rumor, we are on pace to clear $71k this month. It’s just a night and day difference."
Member since November 2019
Generator Athlete LabDelfin Ward
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"I’ve seen growth of the company, I’ve seen growth in our people and I’ve seen growth in revenue. Before most of my energy would be used to scrap the business together, while still working in the business just to keep it running. Now my energy and focus has evolved to growing and scaling a company that can impact more lives."
RZone FitnessGlenn & Luis
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"We couldn’t generate leads, and even if we could, we couldn’t convert them into paying members until Loud Rumor. They’re NOT a digital agency, they’re business partners! Not only did they generate a ton of leads for us but they taught us how to close them too. We went through 5 agencies before finally teaming up with Loud Rumor and the difference is night and day. We highly recommend you to team up with them!"
Floo-id YogaBeth Beary
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"If I hadn’t chosen Loud Rumor, I honestly don’t think I’d be in business today. In just the last 2 days, I generated $8,000 in income which I never ever would’ve done without the prompting and the scripts from Loud Rumor. They really help business owners like me do better, be better, and eventually make more money."
Osteostrong Mar VistaSarah Glicken
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"I feel like everyone at Loud Rumor cares about me, and our goals, and where we’re going! A year ago I was in the weeds. I was a new business owner and I was struggling to fit it all in. When I signed up with Loud Rumor, I assumed I was going to be signing up with just another social media ad agency but they bring so much more value than that!"
MekanixJustin Singer
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"Our Member count is up 60% and our revenue has almost doubled since working with Loud Rumor. That’s why I tell people that the best part about working with Loud Rumor is winning. When I joined Loud Rumor, I was plugged into the Members Only Facebook group which connected me to another gym owner locally who’s doing really well. You’ll get so much out of being part of Loud Rumor it’s absolutely worth joining."
F45 Training Breckinridge ParkAmarendra Tella
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"This is the best possible tool that is available in the market to help grow your studio especially if you don’t have any prior experience. This is a must have. Like I can’t emphasize enough, this is a game changer. I looked at their Mastermind program and I said, 'I HAVE to have this to run my studio.'”
Gracie Barra AvondaleMichael Bruner
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"Loud Rumor has meant more to my business than I think I can even say… It took us from a very low point to a thriving business. The training Loud Rumor provided made us excel right away. Before Loud Rumor, we had 60 Members, and in just 4 months we experienced 100% growth. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else but Loud Rumor!"
MyEMSOskars Zapackis
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"During our first call with Loud Rumor, we instantly realized we need to sign up and start working with these guys. Within 90 days of starting the [Mastermind] program, we increased our revenue by 175%! We’re based in Finland and we still have all the tools, all the support, and everything necessary to contribute our success"
Orangetheory FitnessMatt Kafora
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"I actually had my most profitable & largest presale working with Loud Rumor. I can’t be happier with my choice, as a business owner, to choose Loud Rumor to help grow & scale my businesses. The entire culture is really service-based and service-minded. Anyone with a fitness studio…Loud Rumor is the place to go!"
iLoveKickboxing BoiseJamie Engelking
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"Having a company that understands what we go through and have to do as business owners, helps me make sure that I’m staying accountable and not losing sight of where we’re going. I don’t think there’s anything else like this out there, specific to the fitness industry, that’ll give you the kind of information and knowledge that Loud Rumor does."
Clarity FitnessAbbey Griffith
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"Loud Rumor is an incredible consulting & marketing agency that has helped transform my business. Loud Rumor has been really supportive in helping us figure out retention strategies that are beyond just BMI, class attendance or weight loss, since that doesn’t align with our mission at Clarity."
OsteoStrong Santa BarbaraYvonne Parsons
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"The phones started ringing off the hook and we got more people calling and walking in. It just blew our mind! One of the things Loud Rumor does is they have this video training [Mastermind] and our staff can watch it, we watch it and it teaches us how to be better owners. If you want a business that makes you money and will grow, take advantage of Loud Rumor and what they offer."

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