We're honored to have worked with over 1,500 fitness studios and 50+ major fitness studio franchises throughout the world. Check out what they have to say about us.

Loud Rumor gave me the tools and resources I needed to grow. I went from feeling like it was over to finally collecting a paycheck to now, opening another location! If I hit a rough patch in my business and had to look at what to cut from my line-item budget I’d pay my rent, I’d pay my employees, and I’d pay Loud Rumor.

Beth Crain

BEYOND Studios Frisco

Iron Tribe Fitness - Forrest Walden

"The biggest growth we’ve had has been referral asks!"

The Trainer Page - Nick Page

"With Loud Rumor I know every single step I need to take to get to my goal."

BEYOND Studios Frisco - Beth Crain

"I'd pay my rent, I'd pay my employees, and I'd pay Loud Rumor."

The Leads and the Marketing is just the cherry on top. I’ve never had more leads from any other agency—it’s not even close—but Loud Rumor teaches my team how to close those leads. I’ve been in the industry for 13 years, grew 14 SOLDIERFIT franchise locations, and I’m still learning from Loud Rumor. They’re one of the most professional teams helping your fitness studio—if you sign up like I think you should—become the best it can be.

Danny Farrar


For anyone who is thinking of working with Loud Rumor, I would 100 percent recommend them to you. They have generated a ton of leads for my studio and everyone there is very helpful. From the very beginning, Loud Rumor has been by my side. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Sonal Kulkarni

SPENGA Suger Land

Danny Farrar


Billy Jones

Iron Den Fitness

Glenn & Luis

RZone Fitness

Jessica & Delfin

Generator Athlete Lab

Sarah Glicken

Osteostrong Mar Vista

Matthew Nichols

F45 Training Arrowhead

Justin Singer


Jamie Engelking

iLoveKickboxing Boise

Michael Bruner

Gracie Barra Avondale

Yvonne Parsons

OsteoStrong Santa Barbara

Nate Murdakhayev

Hooked Kickboxing

Cindi Nikituk

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping

Amarendra Tella

F45 Training Breckinridge Park

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