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How We're Changing The Industry

With so many moving parts in running a successful fitness studio, Loud Rumor is one of the most extensive resources for fitness studio owners and their staff to learn the in’s and out’s of growing their studios from presale and marketing to hitting membership capacity and opening new locations. 

1. Fitness Industry Thought Leaders

We aim a little higher than most fitness industry agencies. We want to be the best and talk to the best and bring all of that knowledge to hungry fitness studio owners like you. That’s why we don’t just provide our services, we take time to guide you and your team towards hitting milestones and goals. We create fitness studio focused trainings and books to help every type of studio. We also host one of the top fitness business summits in the world. We do all of this because we truly love this industry and every entrepreneur we serve.

2. Helping Studio Owners Evolve

Success means different things to different studios and owners. Whatever it means to you, whatever growth and entrepreneurial development looks like to you, we want to help you get there. It’s why we’ve built relationships with the top fitness studio owners and franchises around the world—because we know that whatever they’re doing right, fitness studio owners like you can do right too. Whatever success means to you, let’s earn it together. 

3. Your Success Matters to Us

If one fitness studio owner has to close their studio’s doors, it’s one too many for us. That’s the last thing we want to see, especially when there are so many people craving a fitness home and community like yours. You’re making your cities better by improving lives and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to help you increase memberships and grow your fitness studio. This matters to us and we care about each, individual owner we work with. 

Our Values

We give gym owners the opportunity to become highly successful in their business by enabling them to make a difference in more lives, which allows them to achieve financial freedom and win back time. 

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