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5 Proven YouTube Advertising Strategies That Earned $127,000 In A Month

5 youtube advertising strategies for gyms

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Here’s what Dove, Old Spice, and Evian all have in common and how your fitness studio can learn from their YouTube advertising strategies.

They all follow similar marketing strategies that launched their efforts into super success.

So, I decided to break down these ads to figure out what makes them viral, what features they have in common, and how your fitness studio can do the same.

#1: Create An Emotional Appeal

Dove – “Real Beauty Sketches”

In case you haven’t seen this ad yet, watch it here. Then, let’s take a look at this video’s numbers…

Exactly 1 month after Dove’s campaign release for Real Beauty Sketches, Business Insider reported that it got over 114 million views. On top of that, it was released in more than 110 countries. This ad was uploaded in 25 different languages to 33 of Dove’s YouTube channels.

Because of that, Real Beauty Sketches got shared over 3.75 million times. That’s what a viral YouTube ad looks like.

#2: It’s Fun To Be Funny

Old Spice – “Smell Like A Man, Man”

With a more humorous tone, Old Spice released an awesome campaign, “Smell Like A Man, Man.” Check out our favorite video from the campaign.

Once again, let’s take a look at the numbers.

In a study by P&G, it was found that “Smell Like A Man, Man” got 105 million YouTube viewings within 6 months of the launch.  On top of that, it got a 300% increase in traffic to the Old Spice homepage, and 2,700% increase in Twitter followers.

In another analysis by FRIENDS Advertising, Old Spice’s overall sales doubled more than the previous year by 125%.

So not only did these YouTube ads increase brand awareness tremendously, but they actually launched Old Spice into a whole other spectrum of success with their products.

#3: Do The Unexpected

Evian’s Roller Babies

Who doesn’t love delicious water, adorable babies, and roller skates? Separately these are all pretty awesome things. But combined? That’s what the Evian’s YouTube ad did…

“Roller Babies” was shared 3.6 million times on Facebook, 117,900 times on Twitter, and 1,800 blog posts according to Business Insider.

Add to that, Digital Training Academy found that Evian’s video got over 102 million total views and over 54,000 comments and tweets. Plus, 25% of people were more likely to drink Evian water after seeing this campaign. In other words, this ad definitely left an impression.

But what about the smaller guys who want to be able to advertise with these giants?

#4: Yes, Small Businesses Can Do Great with YouTube Ads

This is where the $127,000 comes in. I know, you’ve been waiting for it!

What’s great about YouTube advertising is that you don’t have to be Dove, Nike, Target, or any of the other big brands to experience incredible results. Meet Charli (age 9) and Ashlee (age 6)!

CharlisCraftyKitchen is a YouTube channel of two girls who teach others how to bake and cook fun foods. It generates tons of traffic. They currently have over 474,000 subscribers and they’ve only been around since 2012.

But, here’s where their success comes in: CharlisCraftyKitchen gets about 29 million views a month, and makes more than $127,000 a month. That’s pretty incredible considering they aren’t a huge company!

youtube advertising strategies

Here’s what’s even more incredible:

Despite 62% of businesses using YouTube to post content, few of them know how to do it well. What makes CharlisCraftyKitchen work and what will make your fitness studio’s brand awareness work, is education.

People typically go to YouTube for 2 things:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Education

Fitness is the type of industry where education is key, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do both! After all, you need to hold your audiences attention in order to succeed.

#5: People’s Attention Spans Versus YouTube Advertising

You’ve probably heard that people have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. However, this isn’t really that surprising considering all of the awesome technological distractions we have.

That said, the average attention span of someone is 8 seconds… WHOA. That has a big impact on video marketing across the board.

TV commercials, for instance, now average 30 seconds—they’ve been cut in half since the 1960’s! It’s clear that our attention to visual content is decreasing.

So how did Dove, Old Spice, Evian, and CharlisCraftyKitchen gather so much attention for such a “long” period of time?

First, it’s important to note that less than .6% of video ads get 1 million or more total views on YouTube… That’s critical for fitness studios that want to invest in YouTube. You have to do it right and you have to stand out.

Target Your Perfect Gym Member

So, how do you combat short attention spans to turn “nothing” into something incredible? Let’s take a look at Duracell.

Batteries are super simple. Some might even argue that they’re a rather boring product.

But, when batteries are put in front of the right people, they are literally lifesavers. Duracell used that to their advantage in this YouTube ad. Take a look:

Surprisingly, this video starts out pretty slow. It also features really dark lighting. Add to that, it’s 1:34 minutes long. So how did it get 12 million views in just 2 weeks? Their advertising efforts!

They showed this YouTube ad to top influencers, it featured world-class free climber Kevin Jorgenson, bloggers, and so on. People shared this video like crazy because it was put in the hands of the right people.

Duracell was really smart with their targeting too. They went after mountain climbers who’d know who Kevin Jorgenson is and could understand the importance of their life-saving battery.

Add to that the bond between fathers and their sons. An emotional appeal that sticks.

That video got in front of Kevin Jorgenson, content marketers, and outdoor enthusiasts who shared the ad with their followers.

Batteries aren’t something that necessarily captures people’s attention in general, but the way Duracell advertised and marketed this YouTube ad, made it extremely successful!

3 YouTube Advertising Strategies Takeaways

#1 Learn from businesses who know how to go viral.

#2 Follow the 5 YouTube advertising hacks (grab the free cheat sheet) and creatively plan your video.

#3 Set yourself up to raise brand awareness and create an insanely large following.

Do that, and who knows, you might have the potential to make $127,000 in a month. Either way, you’ll draw more attention to your fitness studio. As I’ve said before, people purchase based on familiarity and comfort.

Share your best videos in the comments below!

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