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4 Ways to Attract More Members to Your Yoga Studio

4 Ways to Attract Members to Your Yoga Studio

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Plus, Yoga is all about discipline. It takes time, dedication, and willpower to train your body and mind. The same is true about marketing. But if you don’t have a dependable plan in place to draw in more quality paying members, you find yourself stressed out about filling classes and spend less time with your current members and making your studio even better.

1 – A Great Offer

Nothing grabs attention and cuts through indecision and mental chatter like a great offer. People might hesitate to join your studio because they’re unfamiliar with your yoga style or the kind of environment your classes provide. A fantastic deal is a great way to lure them in. Studies have shown that 80% of consumers say coupons close the deal for them when they’re undecided about a purchase.

What kind of deals should you consider? A free class or free week is very enticing for new members. You can even go the extra mile and offer an unlimited month of discounted classes for $XX. It worked for Bikram Yoga Phoenix:

They offered $17 for a month of unlimited classes. It got over 1,100 purchases and 93% of their customers said they would recommend the deal.

Another route to take is to offer a membership deal. A special sign-up membership rate can be an attractive option, especially if you pair it with a bonus. Offer a free special class or a one-on-one session. If your studio has swag, a free shirt, mat, or towel would be a sweet deal to top it all off.

fitness sales facebook cheat sheet

2 – Target Your Audience

You can use Facebook ads to get the word out about your yoga facility. Facebook ads offer a level of customization that few other marketing platforms can match. You can get really granular with your results by targeting specific area codes, demographics, and shared interests. Plus, you can create multiple ads targeting different audiences. You can even target lookalike audiences, which consists of people who are similar to your current yogi students. So first you can important a custom list of your members’ emails, then build a lookalike audience to reach more people that share the same demographics/ interests as your ideal clients:

Combining Facebook ads with other marketing essentials like landing pages and video content can take your yoga studio to the next level. Local fitness studios who’ve embraced Facebook ads, landing pages, video marketing, email drip campaigns and retargeting have seen astounding results.

3 – Follow Up

Offer a great deal, reach out to the right audience, and you’ll have plenty of leads in no time. But once you’ve got the prospects you need to follow up with them. Most leads go “cold” if you don’t respond to them within the first 15 minutes after they’ve made contact. So reach out to them as soon as possible and schedule a date for them to come into your yoga studio.

A great tool to help you stay on track with your leads is a CRM like Mindbody. CRMs are Customer Relationship Management systems that allow you to store, organize, and manage your contact information for leads and students. You can use CRMs to build targeted and automated mailing lists. You can send out multiple mailing lists simultaneously to different audiences. CRMs let you keep track of your history with different leads and students. You can track which offers they signed up for, what deals they redeemed and your contact history with each. It’s one of the best ways to build segmented contacts with tags.

Another tool you should add to your marketing kit is a task managing app like Asana, Trello, or Evernote. These apps let you set reminders so you know when and who to call back, what leads you need to follow up on, and which ad campaigns you need to check. A great campaign can draw in a LOT of leads. You need to have the right tools to be able to handle that surge of interest in your studio.

4 – Give Them An Awesome Experience That They Want to Tell Others About

When people come to your yoga studio, they want an experience. A key part of building “community” is to offer something that no other studio does. This includes the decor of the studio, the music you play in class, the refreshments you provide before or after a session, the lighting, using any elements such as a gong, cooling towels, or incense…. You have to think of your yoga studio as an orchestra. Every single element of it, no matter how minor it may seem, contributes to the experience as a whole.

And in the end, you want people to leave your studio so psyched about their experience and results that they want to tell others all about it. That’s what encourages people to review your business and give awesome testimonials – a lot like these (take note of the numbers mentioned, music used, etc. that you can also implement for top notch video testimonials):

Flexibility is an essential part of yoga as a physical discipline. It’s also the very quality you need as a business owner for your studio to grow and stay strong.

If you found these tips helpful, check out our free instant access training on more ways to stand out from your competition and attract more yogis to your studio:Have you implemented any of these strategies at your yoga studio? Leave a comment below and let us know how it worked for you!

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