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TruHIT & TruCycle: Killer Fitness Conversions and Wait Lists

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

Here at Loud Rumor, we love working with fitness studio owners who throw their heart and soul into the improvement of  people’s lives through fitness. It’s a recurring theme in the industry that the ones who  eat, sleep, and breathe fitness get the best results.

Jeremy Hass, owner of TruHIT and TruCycle in Scottsdale and North Phoenix, AZ, is one of those studio owners. He’s relentless in his approach to growing his business and taking care of the studios’ members. He entered the TruHit franchise less than a year after it opened in 2013, and now owns 2 locations.

TruHIT and TruCycle

TruHIT’s workouts are an incredibly effective hour-long combination of HIIT, TRX, and weight training. Workouts alternate through a cycle during the week: Monday is upper body, Tuesday is lower body, and Wednesday is total body conditioning. On Thursday the pattern starts over. Trainers say it’s best if you go every day.

But you get more than just a killer workout at TruHIT. The studio’s philosophy is “20% exercise, 80% nutrition, 100% mindset.” So after the workout, students often grab a delicious post-workout or meal replacement shake from the nutrition bar that’s built into every TruHIT studio. There are a ton of flavors to choose from, and each comes with a naturally energized tea that continues to burn calories while you drink it (the Peanut Butter Cup shake paired with a peach tea is now a Loud Rumor favorite).Last summer Jeremy decided to take the Central Scottsdale TruHIT location a step further. In 2015 he opened TruCycle, a 14-bike spin studio that gives members a bumping, sweat-soaked dance party on a bike. Students pedal along to tracks from Rihanna, Sia, and Ginuwine under black lights and lasers. The classes are fun but rigorous — you’ll be disappointed the ride is over so soon, but you’ll be sore the next day. As awesome as both TruHIT and TruCycle are, Jeremy initially struggled to fill the studios with students. Spin classes averaged 5-6 students (between 1/3 and 1/2 the room’s capacity), and hard-to-fill slots like the 9:30 a.m. class were regularly cancelled due to low enrollment. The HIIT studio fared a little better, thanks to the franchise’s monthly 30-day challenges, which Jeremy would promote on Facebook with “mediocre success.” But then Jeremy wanted a little more marketing help.


I’ve known Jeremy for years. So when he heard that our team niched completely into the fitness industry in January 2016, he was interested to learn more about our new Fit FLAVER program. Jeremy signed up and we built a campaign for both TruHIT and TruCycle.

The Facebook ads used pictures of Jeremy’s studios, which gave people an idea of what the workouts look like before even came in for their first session. The TruHIT and TruCycle campaigns also included a great offer of 1 free week, which works great for group classes. Here’s what the ad for TruCycle looked like:For TruCycle alone, Jeremy’s campaign raked in 77 leads in 7 days, and 227 leads in 1 month. Classes now average 9-10 students each — double their previous enrollment. The 6:45 p.m. spin class even has a 4-5 person wait list a few times a week. Jeremy said they plan to add more bikes to the classroom. He was so happy with the results that even took the time to give some insight on his experience and results with the Fit FLAVER program so far:

Over the months that Jeremy has worked with Loud Rumor, TruHIT and TruCycle have seen amazing results:

  • 75% of people who responded to the Facebook ad booked an appointment
  • 70% of people who booked an appointment showed up for their workout
  • 75% of people who came in purchased a membership package
  • 20-25% also bought a membership package for the other side of the studio (HIIT or Spin)
  • 8-10 leads a day consistently, on average

Since joining the Fit FLAVER program, Jeremy says the energy in the studio has been higher for both students and trainers. More people in class make the students work harder and instructors push more … which ultimately leads to better workouts for everyone.

We’re so happy to see the success that Jeremy has had in growing both TruHIT and TruCycle. We’re extremely proud that all his hard work has paid off, and we can’t wait to see how his studios continue to grow. 

To see how we can help your fitness studio grow in our Fit FLAVER program, book a demo!