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9 Tips To Write the Best Social Media Copy

social media copy

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Creating organic social media copy and posts can be an exhausting chore at times. Marketers need to convince people to share, like, and subscribe but don’t want to sound like a broken record. Copy needs to convince everyone that they really need the product or service but can’t come off pushy like a used car salesman. It’s important to be on-trend without being too trendy. It can be a constant tug-of-war!

No need to stress over this anymore! Today we’re sharing 9 tips to writing the best organic social media copy for your fitness studio! Here’s how a little bit of strategy can make a world of difference.

1. Everyone Loses with Manipulation

Copy should never be manipulative. If you are wanting to persuade people through the use of gimmicks or hyperbole, the game is already lost. They aren’t really invested in the brand and shouldn’t be counted as a customer. 

Instead, you should aim for organic traffic and followers by making a compelling case for why readers and viewers need what they’re selling and why they need it from them, specifically. When people are won over this way, brands gain a true customer. 

Avoid using gimmicks like:

  • Lose 30lbs in a month!
  • 6 pack abs in 6 Weeks!
  • In just 24 hours grow an inch on your biceps!

2. Make Words and Media Cohesive

Social media isn’t the Wild West, there should be some order out there and that is never more true than when it comes to copy and media. When writing social media posts, marketers want to make sure that they’re choosing photos, videos, and images that work with the words. If the message is calming, the media should be calm. If the goal is creating excitement, the media should have the same effect. 

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Along the same lines of order, you should never outstay your welcome. On Facebook, there’s a little more freedom to get long-winded and not lose a reader’s patience. When it comes to Instagram, brevity is the name of the game, so it’s vital to keep it as tight as possible and focus on keywords. 

3. Choose Your Mediums Wisely

The tone of the medium matters. While crafting the copy and tone, consider the medium it’s intended for. The best answer truly depends on what social media platform the copy will be posted on and what the offer is.

In general, images are a good choice for Facebook while videos are better for Instagram. This is because Instagram will automatically play videos while Facebook requires the viewer to take an extra step and press play. 

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4. Tell the “Why” 

Marketers are familiar with this tip, but it bears repeating — it’s that important. If marketers want to create organic copy, it’s important to focus on the“why” as much and as often as possible. Every post, image, story should be helping create a narrative about the brand and explain to people why they’re watching or seeing this piece of content and why it matters. 

5. Offer Value at No Cost 

As building your brand, it’s important to also build expertise and the public’s trust in the brand. One of the most efficient methods for this is offering freebies. These free educational resources should be offered to potential customers at no additional cost to them. This could be a free recipe or template download, anything that your readers would be interested in having. 

Also keep in mind that freebies are an excellent way to build the email list. Offering a free download that requires an email to receive it will build a subscriber list faster than just about anything else. If you need ideas for new scripts, check out how gyms are using AI tools here.

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6. Make It Personal 

We’ve said how important it is to keep things personal, but it’s also important for you to be genuinely interested in the readers’ personal lives. An easy way to increase engagement and encourage more comments is for you to ask questions that followers will actually want to respond to.

You should cut out anything that sounds like a robot wrote it and instead come up with questions that make them come across as being genuinely curious about followers. 

7. Don’t Forget the CTA 

Another hugely important part of any social media post is the almighty CTA, or “call to action.” This is the hook at the end of a post that convinces the reader to take some form of action. This could be to click on a link to get a freebie, hit the button to schedule a meeting or purchase a product. Anything that’s prompting the next step for them instead of leaving them hanging.

Successful CTAs avoid pushy, generic language that encourages readers to hurry or rush. Instead, you should create a sense of scarcity by saying things like: “Only 4 spots left in our class!” or, “This class is only open for 3 more days!” 

8. #Hashtag #Quality

Many people are wondering if hashtags are still a thing or if they’re outdated. Our opinion? #worthit. Not only are hashtags still being used, but they’re also a fantastic way for readers to follow trends and find topics of importance to them. The key is choosing quality over quantity. 

In other words, instead of using #LOL after a funny post, you should find a hashtag that’s related to the subject matter without a billion followers, so there’s less risk of having the post covered up by the rest of the world using the same tag. Once you find a niche, cater to it. 

9. Stay Consistent, Above All Else

What do exercising and organic social media followers have in common? Consistency. One set of crunches won’t build a six pack, as much as we may want it to, and organic traffic and followers don’t happen after just a few social media posts. For anything to be healthy and increase, it’s going to require consistent attention. 

One of our members, Nate from Hooked Kickboxing, does Instagram really well. In fact he has a strategy on Instagram that helps get to 80+ new members every month! You can check out his episode here!

You should create a schedule for social media engagement posts and stick to it. Once there’s a number of posts set, it’s important for everything else about them to be consistent. That includes branding, imagery, tone — the atmosphere of who the brand is.

Don’t Buy Followers

Building a brand and presence on social media takes time, and often people are tempted to take shortcuts and add followers by the hundreds. While that may be an ego boost, it probably won’t translate into bottom-line performance.

Instead, focus on writing social media copy that’s going to increase organic traffic and followers. Nothing grows overnight but weeds! With consistency and authenticity, you can create social media copy that converts and reap the rewards.

If you’re interested in learning more about Loud Rumor and the services we offer (like having a specific copywriting, graphic design, video production & account manager team) then schedule a free strategy call today!

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