We Just Released Our 15th Episode of The GSD ShowWhen we launched The GSD Show in May, our goal was to create a fun and valuable resource for fitness business professionals. We want to give studio owners, trainers, and other people in the industry the more of the right tools, strategies, and means to grow their facilities with our podcast and video series. That being said, today we’re celebrating our 15th episode of The GSD Show, which has brought our goal to life.

The first 15 episodes help with every stage of a fitness studio’s growth, from lead gen (Episode 005) to the sales process (Episode 002) to customer retention (Episode 003) and more. The GSD Show has given us the opportunity to sit down with major influencers in the fitness industry and learn from their years of experience. Here are some of the highlights:   

  • Felicia Romero shared her social media and branding tips in Episode 010,
  • We toured the Infusionsoft office and learned more about automation in Episode 013,
  • MINDBODY’s VP of Marketing sat down with us in LA in Episode 015,
  • We learned how to keep customers coming back again and again in Episode 003,
  • AJ Richards and Danny Page shared their inspiring story of Rush Club in Episode 012,
  • Chris Ronzio gave us a ton of time-saving hacks in Episode 007,
  • We got a major pep talk from Mycal Anders of CrossFit PHX in Episode 004,
  • …and so much more!

We’ve already gained and learned so much from planning, filming, and sharing these first 15 episodes of The GSD Show  … and our team couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming shoots. With each new guest on the show, we not only learn something incredible but our entire Loud Rumor team gains another relationship in the industry that we love. And that’s what The GSD Show is about.

So if you haven’t gotten to see all of the episodes yet or if you’re just joining us, check out the full playlist of videos here:

Or if watching isn’t your thing, you can also subscribe to The GSD Showto get the audio-only version of the show delivered straight to your smartphone every Tuesday. You can find our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher:

Episode 022: FranNet Explains How to Franchise Fitness Studios & Independent Gyms
Episode 022: FranNet Explains How to Franchise Fitness Studios & Independent Gyms

We always want to share new tips and lessons from people in the fitness industry who have figured out ways around some of the most common challenges studio owners face. So if you’ve learned how to thrive in this competitive industry — and you live or work in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area — we’d love for you to join us on the show. Apply today.

Mike Arce
Mike Arce is the CEO and founder of Loud Rumor, a lead generation company for fitness studios and independent gyms that supports their customers with sales training and techniques to grow and scale.

Mike has spoken for companies like Infusionsoft, the Better Business Bureau, ASBA, and Local First – all on the topic of Local Business Internet Marketing. He has a passion for local businesses and helping them grow. You can get fresh, updated tips from Mike here.