About This Promotion

This promotion ends February 28th! For every person you refer that signs up with Loud Rumor, you’ll get $100/month off your payment as long as the referral is in our program (or $250 cash for non-customers). Additionally, every person who signs up will receive $300. NOTE: The original Loud Rumor promotion that we’ve always had is still active and running until Feb 28th.  

The Raffle Drawing

If we get 50 people to sign up between now and Feb. 28, we will do a raffle drawing March 1st through Facebook Live – but only if we get 50 people to sign up by February 28th! Your name will be entered into the raffle to every person that signs up. So if you refer 5 people and 3 sign up, your name will be entered 3 times.

The Winner

The winner will receive 1 free year of advertising through Loud Rumor! That’s a lot of new leads and paying members … And that’s on top of all the other good stuff 🙂