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How Your Local Fitness Studio Can Become Extremely Popular Within Your 5-Mile Radius

5-mile radius

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There are 41,370 gyms in America. Combine that colossal statistic with the fact that, on average, 1 in 5 people have a gym membership, and you’ll see how much opportunity there is within your studio’s 5-mile radius.

But it also shows you how fierce the competition is out there. 

Luckily, we have one simple strategy to ensure that everyone within your 5-mile radius knows your brand. And, not only know it—but use it, too!

So, what is this strategy?

In one word: Omnipresence.

What Is “Omnipresence” Within My 5-Mile Radius?

The definition of omnipresence is to be present in places at all times. 

In practice, the definition is identical to the strategy.

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It’s likely that you’re in complete panic mode. “How am I meant to be everywhere at once? I’m one person!” 

Yes, you are. But you’re one person living in a digital world.

So, when we say ‘be present in places at all times’, we’re not referring to a physical location. 

Instead, we’re looking at platforms.

When you utilize all the platforms available to you simultaneously, you’re taking an omnipresent approach to your marketing. And that’s when you’ll start seeing results.

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What Happens If My Gym Isn’t Omnipresent?

Think about your current gym members. Some of them will likely leave. 

You could be the best at your job within the industry, and members would still leave. It’s part of the business. 

This may not be linked to the quality of your studio or the service they received.

Instead, it could be health conditions, pregnancy, a house move – the list is endless. There are many factors that could influence a member to quit your gym. This is unavoidable. And, if you’re marketing effectively, it isn’t a big problem.

The issue comes when you’re losing more members than you’re gaining. At this point, financially, your gym is in trouble.

So, if your studio isn’t omnipresent, this becomes a very real possibility. 

In short, you want to make sure that you always have more people coming in than you have coming out. 

The key? Omnipresence, of course. 

The “Places” (Platforms) You Can Market Your Gym On With Your 5-Mile Radius

Social media started to rise in the early 2000s, with MySpace setting the tone for all the following platforms in 2004. 

Before then, marketing your business in different locations meant physically traveling, leaving business cards and flyers. 

However, in the digital age that we live in now, you’ve got limitless possibilities right at your fingertips.

Rather than hopping in your car and traveling around your neighborhood, you can fire up any of the following platforms:

And with these platforms come endless possibilities. In short, each of these, when combined together, can guarantee that you’ll never have more members leaving than those joining. 

That gives you the peace of mind you need as a business owner that your gym will never fall into the ‘danger zone’ when it comes to lack of members. 

You need to make sure you’re using these tools to drive people into your studio because everyone will be on at least 2 of these platforms simultaneously. 

The Benefits Of Using Multiple Platforms To Market Your Gym

Meet Tim.

Tim doesn’t use Facebook. He thinks it’s for the older demographic. However, he does use Instagram and Youtube.

Tim is perfect member material. 

But your gym only uses Facebook ads for marketing.

Tim would never see your marketing efforts. 

But, the gym down the road from you is omnipresent. They’ve been marketing their business through all of these tools. Tim sees this. 

And, you guessed it – he signed up with the competition. 

The reason why they won your potential member is pretty apparent. They were in the right place at the right time.

But you can’t know everything about everyone. It’s impossible. 

So, the best way to make sure the right people see you is to be everywhere all the time

Be aware that the number of time people spend on different platforms and how they behave on those platforms will alter massively from one platform to the next. Sure, that takes additional planning and strategy, but the benefits are so massive that being omnipresent becomes a no-brainer. 

Top 10 Benefits of Marketing on as Many Platforms as Possible

  1. Gain a wider audience and increased web presence
  2. Ability to reach new demographics quickly and effectively
  3. Leverage multiple channels to create brand recognition
  4. Expand customer loyalty by connecting with new customers
  5. Monitor analytics to better understand customer behavior
  6. Respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries in real-time
  7. Enhance customer experience by engaging with customers across multiple platforms
  8. Reach potential customers through targeted ads on various platforms
  9. Demonstrate knowledge of social media etiquette that adds credibility to your business
  10. Increase brand awareness and increase visibility, leading more people to find out about your gym

How To Be Omnipresent Effectively

When marketing your business across all the different platforms available to you, you must understand how each of these platforms works. They’re built differently, and therefore, the end result of each of them will differ. 

Take Instagram, for example. Instagram works on a speedy basis. Everything’s extremely quick. You tap on someone’s story, watch the 30-second clip, and, if you want to respond to it, you can tap an emoji. Or, you scroll through a feed and double-tap to like. 

The whole platform is based on speed. 

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That’s why people generally spend far more time on Facebook than Instagram. The average view time on videos on Facebook is 10 seconds, while Instagram is as little as 3. 

But that, in no way, compares to the average watch time on Youtube, which is a massively increased 4 minutes and 20 seconds. 

These are extremely important metrics because you need to understand the purpose of each platform. The high view time of videos on Youtube means that it’s worth pouring your time into making educational videos that establish your business as authorities within the gym industry. 

That said, posting these videos on Instagram or Facebook may not perform as well. 

You also need to consider the type of marketing that works best for you.

We chose, for example, to do education-based marketing. Why? Because we enjoy teaching, constantly learning, testing things, and feeding the results back to our audience. The impact it creates across different platforms informs us that our audience (you!) respond well to it. 

How Do I Choose A Marketing Style For My Fitness Studio?

Ultimately, it depends on you as a human being. You need to ask yourself, ‘what type of person am I? What do I love doing?’ and you can then leverage that within your marketing approach. 

If you’re still trying to figure it out, the best way is to be aware of all the different marketing styles out there.

Because, as with everything in life, there’s more than one way to get the job done.

There are hundreds of parenting styles, teaching methods, business management methods – and so on, so forth.

The same applies to your marketing style. You simply need to find the right fit for you. 

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How Will Omnipresence Within My 5-Mile Radius Strengthen My Organic Results?

If you’re gaining no traffic on your website, don’t be discouraged. 

As soon as you apply omnipresence, you’ll begin to see conversions. 

Think of it this way: if you’re present on all the platforms at all times, the people within a 5-mile radius will be brand aware. They’ll skip certain stages of the buyer’s awareness journey. 

If you’re providing value, your gym’s name will be recognizable. 

By being omnipresent, you’re able to build familiarity, rapport, and trust. Those three ingredients are crucial for a successful brand. 

After your marketing efforts across all platforms, people will want to learn more about your gym. So, they’ll head over to Google and type in either your name or your brand’s name. 

Suddenly, your traffic begins to increase – and quickly, too. 

Being omnipresent is an almost magical way of reaching a broad audience and ensuring that everyone within a 5-mile radius has you as their preferred choice of gym.


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