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Gyms Forced To Lockdown Again

The Biggest Reason Your Fitness Studio Needs To Have A Virtual Workout Right Now

Gyms Forced To Lockdown Again

The Biggest Reason Your Fitness Studio Needs To Have A Virtual Workout Right Now

Gyms Forced To Lockdown Again



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Show Notes

You need a virtual workout option right now more than ever. AND, you’ll want to have it in the future long after this pandemic is over… 

Members Love A Virtual Workout Option

Many states are now spiking with new cases, causing them to either go back into lockdown or consider going back into lockdown very quickly. We can’t wait this out, we need to figure it out.

Fortunately, members love their virtual workout option and of the ones we surveyed, like it as an option in the future.

Think about it this way, pandemic or no pandemic, you just added a new product to your arsenal. Let’s say you have a member wanting to get fit for a summer vacation. Guess what they can do in their hotel room while on vacation?

It’s an easy sell, too. Hitting your goal before a summer vacation is a great feeling, but letting yourself go just because you’re on vacation is a terrible feeling. So, keep them happy inside and outside of your fitness studio.

This Is Your Opportunity To Be More Profitable

Listen to how some of the most successful fitness studios through this pandemic not only succeeded through this crisis, but learned how to add an additional stream of revenue! Virtual helps studios be far more profitable than they would be without it.

Many gyms and fitness studios are even creating hybrid models where you purchase a duel in-studio and virtual workout membership.

Here’s how to make your virtual experience the best it can be.

What We’ve Learned And The Future Of Virtual Workouts

This pandemic proved that we need to be prepared for anything. None of us ever thought our businesses would be forced to close down due to something like COVID. The good news is, we were able to pivot!

We created an option to help our members do what they pay us to do. Which is help them get in their best shape and feel happier, healthier, and more confident.

If that’s what you always have your sights set on, you’ll find a way to make it happen no matter what happens. Now that we’ve done the virtual workout option, we are prepared for a whole host of unforeseen events.

Should your business be forced to close again, for whatever reason, you know you have a viable option to continue helping people and generating revenue through it.

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