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Adam & Amanda | ISI Elite Training CEO & COO

The Visionary Leaders Behind ISI Elite Training’s Franchise Success Story

Adam & Amanda | ISI Elite Training CEO & COO

The Visionary Leaders Behind ISI Elite Training’s Franchise Success Story

Adam & Amanda | ISI Elite Training CEO & COO



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Show Notes

On today’s episode of The GSD Show we’re here with Adam Rice and Amanda Hall, CEO and COO of ISI Elite Training, sharing their franchise success story and how they are growing at a rapid pace!

How They Started

Adam began his journey in fitness when he was 16 years old and overweight. Despite being a talented baseball player, he struggled to get recruited due to his weight. After a coach told him he would never play at the Division 1 level due to his size, Adam lost 70 pounds and eventually played Division 1 baseball. This transformation sparked his interest in fitness, and he went on to become an entrepreneur and founded ISI Elite Training.

ISI Elite Training is known for its variability of workouts and knowledgeable coaches. With 70 territories across the U.S., the company is rapidly expanding and plans to have 400 locations by 2025. Adam and Amanda credit the company’s success to their focus on building a strong brand, hiring the right people, and providing a personalized experience for each customer.

Finding the Right People

Adam and Amanda discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship and the fitness industry. One of the biggest challenges, they say, is finding the right people to join the team. To address this, they focus on building a strong culture and providing opportunities for growth and development within the company. They also emphasize the importance of being willing to take risks and learn from failure.

Facility managers play a crucial role in the success of ISI studios. Their key performance indicators (KPIs) include lead to member ratios, attrition rates, new joins, bookings, close rates, show rates, and the lifetime value of a member. Owners can also track their return on marketing/ad spend (ROMS/ROAS) to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

“You’re only going to be as successful as what you’re spending your time and energy around. The more we can simplify it so the leaders are very clear in what they’re going after and rally them around it, the more successful they will be.” – Amanda Hall

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Franchise Success and When to Scale

One important factor to consider when running a fitness studio is the number of classes offered. On average, ISI franchises offer about 36 classes per week, with each class accommodating about 32 members. However, it’s important to strike a balance between having a packed class and having enough space for members to move comfortably. Studios that offer 50-55 classes per week when they first open can eventually reach exponential growth.

Another important consideration is the number of members a studio can accommodate. Their franchisees aim to have 600 members, with a breakeven point of around 200-250 members. The average dollar per member is around $150 per month, but this can vary depending on the market and pricing structure. 

Scaling a fitness studio can be challenging, especially when it comes to filling non-prime time classes. Adam and Amanda address this challenge by having the franchise owners focus on referral marketing to attract members who are available during non-peak hours. Owners can also consider implementing a tiered pricing structure based on the market to optimize profits.

It’s also important to prioritize customer experience and community building in a fitness studio, something ISI prides themself in doing. Members are more likely to continue their membership if they feel a sense of belonging and connection with the community. Studio owners can foster this sense of community by hosting events, challenges, and other activities that promote camaraderie and social interaction among members.

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Franchising can be a great way to own your own business without having to start from scratch. It allows you to leverage the experience and systems of an established brand, while still having the autonomy to run your own business. However, not everyone is cut out to be a franchisee. Amanda and Adam discussed what qualities make a great franchisee.

Adam, who works in franchise development, emphasizes the importance of business acumen and emotional intelligence. He cites a successful franchisee who was previously a head coach at OrangeTheory and had no prior business ownership experience. However, her emotional intelligence allowed her to hire and deploy the right people, hold them accountable, and offer a great product. Ultimately, leadership is a key quality that Adam looks for in franchisees.

Amanda, who works more on the day-to-day operations side of the business, emphasizes the importance of passion for people. This is especially important in the fitness industry, where the success of the business is directly tied to the success of the members. Amanda notes that the best franchise partners are those who want to build a team that can transform members. Additionally, franchisees who can follow and leverage the established system of the brand are more likely to be successful than those who try to create their own.

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