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TOP 10

TOP 10 Tips Your Fitness Studio Can’t Start 2020 Without | The GSD Show

TOP 10

TOP 10 Tips Your Fitness Studio Can’t Start 2020 Without | The GSD Show

TOP 10



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Show Notes

Have your notes ready… this top 10 episode, every tip and trick your fitness studio needs to start 2020 strong is here!

If you’re setting some big goals for the new year, this episode will help you define them in more detail and might even create new goals you haven’t yet thought of. These are the Top 10 Tips Your Fitness Studio Can’t Start 2020 Without!

#10 Fitness Business Owner Time Management

How to delegate without hiring full-time or part-time staff by utilizing these tips and tools from LadyStrong Fitness Owner, fitness entrepreneur, and business coach Brittany Welk. This is how to start this top 10 strong!

#9 Empowering Fitness Studio Sales Employees

The power of asking, “How much money do you want to make this year?” from speaker, top business consultant, and author of Meetings Suck and Free PR, Cameron Herold.

#8 Fitness Studio Lead Generation

Why there’s no such thing as a bad “lead” for your fitness studio but rather, how to close them based on where they’re at in the funnel from your GSD Show Host, CEO of Loud Rumor, and author of Fitness Marketing Secrets, Mike Arce.

#7 Financial Planning For Fitness Studios

A healthy net profit for fitness studios and how to surpass it from financial guru, certified public accountant (CPA), and owner and chief number cruncher at Accountingprose, Tina Garza.

#6 The Fitness Studio Market

Destroy the “over-saturated market” myth like author of Man Up, Bedros Keuilian did as the owner of Fit Body Boot Camp. As a serial entrepreneur and franchising expert, Bedros will never accept “over-saturated market” as an excuse. Tough to put this in the middle of the top 10 pack, it’s that good!

#5 Hiring For Fitness Studios

How to hire the right people for your fitness studio. Should you hire for skill or culture? Your host and author of Fitness Selling Secrets, Mike Arce’s answer while speaking at the DAX 2019 Conference is priceless, but powerful.

#4 Fitness Studio Marketing

The secret to powerful fitness studio advertising? Who better to talk about this than the marketing guru himself, Mr. Billy Gene Shaw! Billy Gene is Marketing is a phenomenon in the digital advertising space, and his live GSD Show interview at GSDCON was incredible. This advice is a must-have going into 2020.

#3 Fitness Studio Sales

Closing leads with unmatched energy and personality from 5-unit Orangetheory Fitness owner, Manny Ceara! The subtle tips and tricks Manny uses to engage potential fitness studio members is amazing.

#2 The Perfect Fitness Studio Member

Who is in your perfect fitness studio demographic? Owner of Alloy Personal Training Fitness Franchise, Rick Mayo ran the numbers and you’re going to be shocked by what he found. Your perfect fitness studio member is a completely unexpected demographic.

#1 How To Conquer The Fitness Studio Presale

Want to know why presale is the difference between successful fitness studios and struggling ones? Owner of 7 Orangetheory Fitness locations, Matt Kafora breaks down his presale secrets and how to get the word out to the local community like you never thought possible.

Enjoy this motivating Top 10 and we’ll see you conquering 2020!

What You’ll Learn In This Top 10

  • What the top 5% of fitness studios are doing to conquer 2020
  • How to make 2020 your fitness studio’s best year
  • The importance of retaining New Year memberships
  • Advice you 100% need going into the New Year

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