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The Evolution of The GSD Show

The GSD Show Special Edition: The 200th Episode

The Evolution of The GSD Show

The GSD Show Special Edition: The 200th Episode

The Evolution of The GSD Show



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Show Notes

This was a very special episode of the GSD show. Creative Manager McKenna took over from our very own Mike Arce, who was flying blind in this benchmark 200th episode. It started with a cringe-worthy flashback to episode 001 featuring a younger, longer-haired, and beardless Mike. His first topic? Lead generation for gyms and closing the sale. 

How It All Started

Mike had been in the fitness industry for over a decade before the GSD show came to life. The feedback he was getting from his clients was related to lead generation for gyms. Too often, the gym will blame the lead or the quality of the lead rather than their lack of skill at closing the sale. 

“When we started the show, we had maybe 20 gyms we were working with,” Mike recalls. “We need to start a show where we not only teach people how to do a better job and what they can control, but also bring on guests that are actually doing it so that they can have more conviction around it.”

So that’s what he did, and here we are, 200 episodes later, still GSD. 

The Most Viewed Episode (An Episode on Pre-Sales and Retention)

Surprise! Mike guessed wrong not once, not twice, but three times for the most viewed episode. As McKenna shares, the most viewed video (Over 5k views) was an early on-site interview at a local Orange Theory location.

McKenna and Mike discuss his evolution as an interviewer and how Larry King’s book, How To Talk To Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, helped him hone his own skill to make the GSD show the educational powerhouse it is today.

how to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere book

Mike’s Favorite Guest

No surprise to anyone that Mike couldn’t pick one favorite guest for the GSD show. He narrowed it down to twelve, from which McKenna chose three. Mike recalls the key takeaway from his interview with one of the finalists Mike Littrell, being related to his team development style.

Our Mike remembers the inspiration well. “He’s really big on building culture with his team, developing his leaders, putting them in the position to win, challenging them in the interview process, just being very clear as to what he expects out of them, and then getting out of their way.”

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Ulpiano was another memorable GSD guest. “The way he spoke, he was tough, but he was also compassionate. He really cared about his people and his members, and he really wanted them to win. At the same time, …he’s very serious about what he was doing, and he’s very serious about helping people.

And lastly was Mike’s interview with Bedros. This is when the GSD Show introduced story episodes. This is where we get to hear from gym owners that have so much wisdom and experience to share that adds so much value to the audience.

The GSD Show’s Funniest Moment

The infamous sinking chair that Mike remembers all too well. He suffered through an entire interview with an uncooperative chair, in the style of Johnny English Reborn, and eventually chose to stand rather than plummet to the floor. It doesn’t help that the episode was being live-streamed, and the comments were on fire.

McKenna’s Favorite (An Episode on Lead Generation)

This trip down memory lane was also another surprise for our fearless leader. It wasn’t the interview with Global Marketing genius Billie Gene, and it wasn’t an episode that was particularly entertaining. It was an episode rich in value that happened organically. 

Mike and Matt Kafora were in an informal session developing content related to offline lead generation for gyms and fitness studios. What started as a casual collaboration turned into one of the most valuable GSD episodes to date.

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offline lead generation strategies

GSD Has A Most Shocking Episode? Yes! 

This episode took everyone by surprise, including Mike. It’s an incredibly insightful interview with exercise scientist Glenn Gaesser. Mike recalls being in awe at the data-backed, detailed information Glenn was able to provide.

Glenn knew his stuff so well. He was referencing studies where he had 18 people locked in a room for days… and different sets of research that he had done.” Glenn shared so much incredibly valuable information related to fitness and exercise that was previously unknown or ambiguous. This is an episode everyone should rewatch. Check out the episode here!

The Wild Ride and Where It’s Going Next

The GSD Show has come a long way from episode 001. The studios have evolved, the team has changed, interview skills have gotten stronger, and the guests have continued to deliver again and again.

But the evolution isn’t over!  There are more changes to come in the future, including location, the style of the show, more incredible guests, more valuable content related to membership sales, lead generation for gyms, and team development for fitness studios. 

In the words of our Creative Manager McKenna, stick around and see what’s next! 

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