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Rick Mayo: Grow, Scale, Retain, REPEAT With ONE Move


Rick Mayo: Grow, Scale, Retain, REPEAT With ONE Move




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Show Notes

Rick Mayo says the key to growing and scaling your gym while retaining members—and REPEATING IT—comes down to ONE powerful move:


Every Fitness Studio needs a detailed process in order to succeed. That’s what one of the absolute best in the fitness industry, Rick Mayo learned… the hard way. Rick Mayo is the Founder and CEO of Alloy Personal Training but, before that, he was just another struggling fitness business owner…

Once Rick dialed-in his process, he built a team of leaders conducting 60,000 session each year WORLDWIDE.

“We almost went out of business… we had to systemize everything.” Rick says, “Someone who sells with a system is 3X better than someone who doesn’t… I don’t care how talented someone is, they have to run the play… I’d rather run a systematic approach that I can plug-and-play anyone into.”

Rick’s story is an incredible example of what you can accomplish with your Fitness Studio or Franchise. This a MUST-WATCH episode!

What You’ll Learn From Rick Mayo

  • The power of great systems and processes
  • How to grow, scale, retain, and REPEAT
  • Why process allows you flexibility when sh!t hits the fan
  • The importance of systemizing everything
  • How a plug-and-play approach beats talent every time

What We Mention In This Episode

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