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Matt Kafora: From 1 to 7 Orangetheory Fitness Locations


Matt Kafora: From 1 to 7 Orangetheory Fitness Locations




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Show Notes

In this episode, I’m with Matt Kafora because he’s the franchise owner of 7 insanely profitable Orangetheory Fitnesses across Arizona. So, if you want to learn from a master at systematizing your business to run at peak performance, Matt’s the guy!

With Matt Kafora being an extremely successful entrepreneur and a fitness industry titan, I wanted to share his story. And, this story will show all studio owners firsthand how to run multiple profitable studio locations. Oh, here’s the best part: Without having to be there every day (or most days).

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What You’ll Learn From Matt Kafora

  • The sales process Matt Kafora used to scale from 1 to 7 locations.
  • How to develop a thriving culture so your fitness studio leaves members wanting more.
  • Matt’s hiring process and how it took him from 1 to over 125 employees.
  • Building strong relationships with your employees so you can step out of the business.
  • How to hire, train, and develop your employees.
  • Setting up systems for all roles within your business.
  • The right way to get your team to embrace the sales process.
  • How to develop a system for managing your member’s experience.
  • The only time you should consider opening a new location.
  • Financials you should track and how often to look at them.

Things We Mention In This Episode

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