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Shocking Fitness Science: How Gym Members Actually Respond To Your Workouts (Based On Data)


Shocking Fitness Science: How Gym Members Actually Respond To Your Workouts (Based On Data)




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Show Notes

I had the privilege of talking to Glenn Gaesser to discover how your members actually respond to your workouts. Glenn breaks down the fitness science and data… and you’ll be blown away by it.

This is fundamental to your fitness business because so many business owners understand their product only on a surface level. So this episode alone will change everything for you… 

The Human Body And Fitness Science

To market and truly capture your studio’s benefits, you need to understand what’s going on in your member’s bodies when they’re using your service (i.e., your studio). 

This interview with Glenn Gaesser uncovers what exercise actually does to the body rather than what it should do. 

Glenn is an academic, holding a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1978. He’s an exercise physiologist, and he drops some serious fitness science based insight into what exercise actually does to your member’s bodies.

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More That Heart Rate, Calories, And Fat-Burning

We often associate exercise with an increased heart rate. When the heart becomes stressed, it has to work harder, and your entire cardiovascular system is under pressure. Your lungs work to gain more oxygen, too. And that, as a whole, is how most people view exercise. 

Glenn explains that this is just the start. He makes a bold statement:

“When a person exercises, there’s probably not one cell in the body that’s not affected.” 

We uncovered the actual impact workouts have on people who regularly perform effective exercises during our interview. Trust me: the results will shock you. 

We also dive into our preconceived ideas of the impact exercise has on metabolism rates, inflammation, and broader health risks like cancer and diabetes. 

Backed by scientific data and experiments, Glenn has genuinely captured the importance of regular, powerful exercise for the health of your members.

How Can Your Gym Use This Fitness Science Information?

How can you use this?

By communicating to your prospects and existing members the impact of one session, followed by two, followed by routine visits.

You can use this detail in your marketing and messaging, and train your staff to understand what’s happening on the inside.

We uncover the definition of a dose-response, revealing the amount of exercise needed before it affects the human body. Understanding this, amongst the data that goes alongside it, can help you communicate the impact your fitness studio can have concerning the number of workouts per day, per week, per year – etc.

You can also capture your member’s goals and give them clear indications of how much time and energy they must dedicate to exercise to achieve them. 

A large proportion of your members will mention weight. However, exercise goes deeper than that, as you’ll discover in our video. 

Why I Recommend Watching This Episode All The Way Through

That’s just a tiny proportion of the topics we uncover in this valuable, in-depth interview. So, I highly recommend watching it all the way through on this page.

Show your team this episode and implement it into your messaging. 

Your studio is your product. To sell that product, you must understand everything about it. What it does, its limits, its transformations, and why people need (but more importantly, want) it

This interview will give you all of those answers. And, not only will you gain insight, but you’ll also be given scientific data to use as evidence. 

Understand the raw data, and you’ll build your fitness brand as an authority within your field. 

Want to be a thought leader and gain more memberships? Show the world that you know your stuff. Teach them how crucial your product (i.e., your studio) truly is. 

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