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His Gym Reopened 3 Weeks Ago. How’s It Doing?


His Gym Reopened 3 Weeks Ago. How’s It Doing?




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Show Notes

Rick Mayo’s Alloy Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia gym reopened on April 24th. So, how’s it going? This just might give you the insight you need before reopening your fitness studio…

Rick says that most people who walk into his gym want to get away from all of the COVID stuff. They don’t want to talk about it, they just want to workout. BUT… 

Rick and his team still make sure their gyms are fully safe and sanitized according to the law.

Will All Of Your Fitness Members Come Back After COVID-19 With Your Gym Reopened?

Rick Mayo said it was a bit slow after his reopening but, they were able to get back up to about 50% member capacity. Keep in mind, Rick has a MASSIVE facility. However, he normally operates at 80% capacity.

“It’s not quite where it was… yet. The numbers are trending in the right direction, you just have to be patient with these things,” Rick says.

So far, no one they know of has gotten sick at his studio.

“Most people will do right by their family. If they’re in contact with their parents who are at risk, they’re not likely to attend. And that’s OK,” he says.

Should You Keep Your Virtual Fitness Studio After Gym Reopened?


Rick says that his total membership is split: 65% in-studio, 35% virtual. Here’s the difference between Rick’s business and yours:

Rick’s is personal training. One-on-one. Which really, in a non-COVID world would be a premium service. 

“For fitness studios, I definitely recommend people keep their virtual studio going alongside their physical studios. You just increased your share of the market,” he says.

What’s The Best Way To Reopen My Fitness Studio After Coronavirus?

Rick says to treat it like a Grand Opening. “Go big,” he says, “people are itching to get back and even if they don’t do so right away, knowing people ARE going to your facility will get them to eventually follow.”

Also, make sure you properly coach your trainers about returning and reopening. They have the same concerns your members have and might not be so willing to jump back in. Plus, they might be your top-performing virtual trainer. 

Rick suggests you call them each individually and see where they’re at, and how they feel about it, but remember that you’re still the employer.

Your Fitness Studio’s Quick-Hit Reopening Checklist:

  • Get with your legal team
  • Use the right cleaning supplies
  • Talk with your team about coming back
  • Treat it like a grand opening
  • Understand that it’ll take time to ramp back up

Rick says if you can reopen, do it. There’s still a large market share of people who want to be back inside a fitness studio. But, retain your virtual option too. “Eventually, both will make you money.”

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