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SPENGA Geneva Owner Scott Kaspar

Fitness Studio Owners: How to Hire and Lead an A-Player Team | The GSD Show

SPENGA Geneva Owner Scott Kaspar

Fitness Studio Owners: How to Hire and Lead an A-Player Team | The GSD Show

SPENGA Geneva Owner Scott Kaspar



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Show Notes

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So many of you, as fitness studio owners, opened a studio without a formal background in fitness… which is incredible! BUT, as you know, it can be incredibly stressful, too. Everything’s on the line. One major stressor is how to hire.Well…

Scott Kaspar owns SPENGA Geneva and went from an attorney to a successful fitness studio owner. How?

Why Scott Kaspar Chose SPENGA Fitness Studios

“I wanted to get into the boutique fitness studio space and loved SPENGA’s branding and their style of workout,” Scott says. SPENGA utilizes a 20-minute Spin, 20-minute Strength Training, and 20-minute Yoga workout format… and its members LOVE IT!

Everything about it appealed to Scott and he knew Geneva was a great spot for one. Which is great, but what next? Scott never owned nor opened a fitness studio before…

Conquering Presale and How To Hire An A-Player Team

Scott took a very unique yet calculated approach to his presale. His first move? “Hiring the perfect General Manager,” Scott says. He wanted someone with incredible fitness knowledge who saw the potential of what Scott’s SPENGA fitness studio could be.

After scouring the country, Scott found his General Manager and treated his GM like a business partner. He used his GM’s knowledge of the industry to hit the ground hard and execute an incredible presale. “I had a goal in mind and we blew it out of the water,” he says.

As his opening day approached, Scott knew what he had to do next BEFORE his doors officially opened…

Putting The Right Fitness Studio Team In Place

Scott knew that in order for his SPENGA Geneva location to be successful, he needed a happy, hungry fitness crew. He found incredibly friendly people for his front desk staff and found a few very creative trainers who knew other trainers to add to the team. BUT…

What attracted them to Scott’s location? Culture. “I think it’s important to have fun. You should love where you work and love the mission of the company you work for,” Scott says. That’s why Scott is constantly treating his team to fun outings and happy hours.

Why Is SPENGA Geneva So Successful?

Scott and his General Manager set very specific goals for each month, year, and beyond. They know where they want to go and they get the whole team involved in hitting numbers. I asked him when he and his GM typically get together to talk business, his answer was astonishing…

“We usually chat after the studio closes, late at night while we’re cleaning,” he says. That’s right, Scott and his GM clean the studio themselves. He says it gives you that sense of pride in what you’re building.

Do Your Fitness Studio Trainers Host Classes Like This?

Another thing that attracts members to Scott’s SPENGA location is his creative instructors. “One of my instructors hosts themed workouts. So one day it’ll be pirate themed, another day it’ll be based on a popular movie or TV show, she’s always mixing it up,” Scott says. The best part? The members never know what the theme is going to be until they arrive for class. “Which keeps them guessing and coming in to find out what it’s going to be.”

He has a trainer for every member type. Want a trainer who is no BS and all business? Scott has that. Want a trainer that is caring and really making sure you’re loving the workout? Scott has that.

Never underestimate the retention and sales power of your trainers.

What else has helped Scott experience fitness studio success?

How To Hire Employees Who Care About Personal Development At Your Fitness Studio

Scott makes sure he’s up on the latest fitness studio trends, trainings, best practices, and more. “My General Manager and I go through all of the Loud Rumor Virtual Training TEAM courses, keep up with The GSD Show, and attend great conferences,” he says.

Isn’t that incredible? A guy, who had no background in the fitness industry, jumps in, executes the process at the highest level possible, and is experiencing tremendous success with his SPENGA Geneva location. What an incredible story.

Podcast Timestamps

1:40 Scott Kaspar had no fitness industry experience
2:01 Great employees and fitness studio culture
4:32 A day in the life of fitness studio owner Scott Kaspar
6:32 Hiring the perfect fitness studio General Manager
12:17 Let commission fitness studio employees do their thing
14:12 Lead a great fitness studio team
15:05 How Loud Rumor helped SPENGA get new presale members
18:11 Fitness Studio Owners should NOT be General Managers
20:50 SURPRISE! On-spot sales call to Scott’s SPENGA fitness studio
25:02 Role-playing a fitness studio sales call
32:34 Setting goals for your fitness studio
36:41 Finding creative fitness studio instructors
40:18 How fitness studio owners can get training and grow as leaders
43:10 Fitness Studio Owners love learning at GSDCON
45:28 Working to open a new SPENGA location
47:22 You have to have fun with your fitness studio business

What You’ll Learn About How To Hire

  • You don’t need fitness experience to grow a successful fitness studio
  • How to hire and lead an incredible group of A-Player employees
  • Setting short and long-term goals to hit membership capacity
  • Blowing your fitness studio presale goals out of the water

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