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RAW #7

Manny Ceara | Get a “YES!” from Fitness Studio Prospects On Their First Visit | The GSD Show

RAW #7

Manny Ceara | Get a “YES!” from Fitness Studio Prospects On Their First Visit | The GSD Show

RAW #7



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Show Notes

“Never have more than 3 prospects in at one time…” Manny Ceara drops unmatched Sales knowledge with me on this RAW #7 episode of The GSD Show, and it’s all about how to get a YES!

Manny Ceara is the former Director of Sales and current 5-Unit Franchisee at Orangetheory Fitness. This might sound odd, but Manny says the first step in converting more prospects into paying members is ensuring you have the right team in place… and I couldn’t agree more.

Don’t Hire Paper, Hire People To Get A Yes

Hiring can be challenging… how do you know, when you extend an offer, that this person is right for your Fitness Studio? That this person is going to make you money, not cost you money.

If teamwork makes the dream work, you better be building the right team. Manny talks about their process of group-style audition interviews for every position and how they look for character, first.

“Absolutely, No Problem” Relationship Sales

One thing I always talk about in my Sales Trainings, whether it’s with Loud Rumor Members or on Loud Rumor Virtual Training, is to never disagree with your prospects. That’s Rule #1 because winning an argument almost never wins the sale. Manny has a similar approach…

What Manny does is, when there’s an objection, Manny immediately agrees by saying, “Absolutely, no problem.” This unique style completely changes the conversation. Manny will then ask questions about the objection that inevitably show prospects that, based on what they’re hoping to achieve, the objection isn’t really in their best interest.

Manny and I take this technique a step further and role-play some common sales objection scenarios.

Humor Me: The Personal Touch You Need

When talking to prospective fitness studio members, Manny utilizes two POWERFUL techniques:


Manny will tell jokes — and he provides some great ones in this GSD Show interview that you can use — to get prospects to relax, feel more comfortable, and just enjoy being around him.


Manny’s also great a creating physical contact. He’ll ask a commitment question like, “Are you ready to do this?” Then, he’ll hold out his fist for a fist-bump. Once his fist bumps with the prospect’s, it’s an unspoken, skin-on-skin agreement that every prospect feels obligated to fulfill. Very smart.

Utilize The First Language You Ever Learned

The first language, as Human Beings, we ever learned was Body Language… it says EVERYTHING the person you’re talking to needs to know about you and what they’re getting themselves into. If you’re going through the motions, you won’t convert someone into a paying member.

Manny smiles the whole way, uses tons of hand gestures, and just gets you excited about being at his fitness studio. You feel like you found a home. He also incorporates another technique you need to start using YESTERDAY: Nodding.

Manny nods along while HE’s talking so that you agree with what he’s saying. Think about it this way, if you’re in a meeting, even if it’s not over yet, and someone stands up, you instinctively want to stand up and follow suit. Nodding has the same impact.

Finally, Get A Yes By Creating A Powerful Experience

Someone booked an appointment at YOUR fitness studio. Someone wants to see what YOU are all about. Someone might want to spend their hard-earned money getting their butt kicked at YOUR studio… are you treating them like they’re the most important person in the world? If not…

You need to be! Manny says his studios don’t allow more than 3 prospects in at one time. Why? First, his team greets each person by name — tough to do when you have 5+ people stopping by. Second, he wants it to feel special and as if it’s “just for you.” Third, there’s more one-on-one time dedicated to meeting the prospect, getting to know them, working out with them, and earning a “YES!” from them.

Don’t miss a second of this powerful RAW #7 episode of The GSD Show!

What You’ll Learn To Get A Yes

  • How to Hire a Successful Team
  • The “Absolutely, No Problem.” Relationship Sales Technique
  • Using Body Language To Become More Likable and Agreeable
  • Creating a Powerful First-Time Experience to Get a “YES!”

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