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RAW #6

Matt Kafora | Build a 7-Figure Fitness Studio in 18 Months | The GSD Show

RAW #6

Matt Kafora | Build a 7-Figure Fitness Studio in 18 Months | The GSD Show

RAW #6



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Show Notes

PROOF: Fitness Studios CAN Build a 7-Figure Business in 18 Months:

Matt Kafora’s done it… multiple times! In this episode, Matt sits down with me to break it all down in an awesome step-by-step process with added role-play training.

Grassroots to 7-Figure: Getting The Word Out

Before one of his Fitness Studio opens, Matt hits the pavement to get the word out about his studio. “I’m going next door, talking to people in parking lots,” he says. Then, Matt will hit local businesses to pitch them on some cross-promotional campaigns. Brilliant.

The way Kafora sees it, people should know about his studio before construction begins.

“Sales Is Just A Transfer Of Feeling”

“If I’m excited, YOU’RE excited,” is Matt’s approach to sales. Passion and energy are infectious and, people are actually seeking them out! But here’s the catch, Matt doesn’t just go around asking people to check out or join his studio, “you have to give your heart before you can ask for their hand,” he explains.

And of course, this is all part of the process. Matt has scripts for everything — especially Sales “and all of my scripts are available at”

Don’t Hire The Unemployed

When you’re looking to build a 7-Figure Fitness Studio in 18 Months, you can’t afford to hire bad apples. You need high performers and, you need to steal them away from their current job. I’ve said this many times: Great people aren’t looking for jobs… they already have one. But Matt actually takes it a step further…

“I stole a front desk person from Starbucks,” he says. Matt frequented this Starbucks and just noticed this employee’s incredible attitude, how she talked with and remembered every customer, how she handled difficult customers, and her overall work ethic. It might sound harsh to “steal” a great team member from another company BUT, when you’re genuinely giving them a better opportunity, it’s a win-win.

Decrease Member Turnover

Members need to be your biggest advocates. 7-Figure Fitness Studios don’t have high member turnover. Members are to be worshipped and treated like they’re part of a one-of-a-kind family. This is crucial to the success of your Fitness Studio!

“I’m going to serve each member so well, they’re going to bring me 5 more,” Matt Kafora says, “Plus, when the results happen, they’re a testimonial for me… they’re a walking billboard for me because everyone loves a story.”

You’re going to be shocked by this, but this isn’t even scratching the surface of what’s in this episode. I highly encourage you to save this episode and loop your team in. And please, leave us a review and subscribe to The GSD Show for future episodes.

What You’ll Learn About Building A 7-Figure Gym

  • The full journey from Fitness Studio site construction to day-to-day operations
  • Matt’s exact steps for getting the word out during Presale
  • The exact scripts for cold attention, sales, and more
  • Keys to hiring a great team to build a 7-Figure Fitness Studio

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