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Increase Studio Revenue Through Corporate Wellness Programs

RAW #12

Increase Studio Revenue Through Corporate Wellness Programs

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Show Notes

What untapped market can your fitness studio capitalize on to increase revenue and hit member capacity? How can you sign multiple fitness studio members at once? Corporate Wellness!

Fitness industry expert Felicia Romero explains how she’s reshaping the corporate world by reshaping bodies. And, how it’s helping her hit revenue goals she used to think were out of reach.

How’s she doing this?

Become The Corporate Wellness Fitness Studio

Felicia goes to companies in the area, does a Lunch and Learn with them, and pitches them. And she has one mission: Implementing her training program for their employees.

Or, as she says:

If a company is small, you’re spending roughly $100+ on lunch. That’s $100+ to sign multiple members all at one time!

This is GENIUS.

And, most companies already have a built-in budget for corporate wellness programs. But they have no idea what to do with it.

Luckily, that’s where you come in.

How To Pitch Your Fitness Studio To Corporations

The key here is to get in front of decision-makers! You want to pitch a Lunch and Learn. And obviously, lunch is 100% on you.

So if a company is small, you’re spending roughly $100+ on lunch. But, that’s $100+ to sign multiple members all at one time!

Looking at it this way, that’s a pretty low cost per acquisition, right?

With the Lunch and Learn strategy, not only will employees get excited, the decision-makers will too.

Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to answer the #1 question in every sales transaction: “What’s in it for me?”

Why Corporations Want Their Employees To Be Members At Your Fitness Studio

You want to keep the focus on how your studio benefits THEM. If they’re paying you for corporate wellness, what are they getting out of it?

Well, for starters:

Employees who exercise are far more productive and have more energy! So, they’re not letting you down when that so-called “2 PM feeling” hits.

Or how about this? Companies get a tax break from employees who exercise.

This is an incredible win-win-WIN strategy. And, every fitness studio can implement it tomorrow.

Here’s how: FIRST, watch this entire episode with Felicia Romero! Second, implement her roadmap.

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What You’ll Learn About Corporate Wellness:

  • The untapped market to help your gym hit membership capacity.
  • Utilize corporate wellness programs to sign multiple members at once.
  • Why companies want their employees to become members at your studio.
  • How this powerful strategy is a win for companies, their employees, and YOU.

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