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Billy Gene Is Marketing LIVE at GSDCON | The GSD Show


Billy Gene Is Marketing LIVE at GSDCON | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

Billy Gene Shaw (Billy Gene Is Marketing) joined me LIVE on stage at GSDCON and blew every fitness studio owner in the audience away with this marketing lesson!

In this special episode, I’m with my good friend and video advertising G.O.A.T. Mr. Billy Gene Shaw! Billy manages over $1M in ad spend every month and is widely considered one of the best social media marketers in the world!

Why is this episode so special???

It’s the very first LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE episode that we’ve ever done, and we do it ON-STAGE at GSDCON!

Billy also goes off on some brilliant tangents!

Billy Gene On Crafting Your Marketing Message

There’s an awesome segment where Billy Gene has people in the audience shout out things about their typical fitness studio member.

Billy takes those things and teaches them how to create messaging and advertising templates. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime trainings for fitness studios, and we’re sharing it all here!

This will help you develop some plug and play content that really allows you to connect with your audience and speak to them the right way.

As Billy mentions, it’s about hitting their pain points and proving your fitness studio as the solution.

What You’ll Learn From Billy Gene Shaw

  • How Billy Gene made over $100k in revenue with 90% profit in 24 hrs.
  • The time Billy ran an ad and literally sold NOTHING.  Yes… “nothing” was the product.
  • Why spending money on advertising is the quickest way to grow your business.
  • How Billy gets 20x more views on his advertising than of an episode of Shark Tank.
  • Why you’re not making money from the content you put out.
  • Billy’s strategy behind his crazy profitable video ads.
  • How to use Google Trends to create an advertising strategy that converts.
  • What Billy would do if he owned a studio with 0 members and only $3000 to spend.
  • and much more!

What We Mention In This Episode

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