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Fitness Studio Marketing Mastery: The Ultimate Guide | The GSD Show


Fitness Studio Marketing Mastery: The Ultimate Guide | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

This is fitness studio marketing mastery, the ultimate guide. I’m really excited to share this training with you.

I spoke at the Perform Better Summit in Chicago and shared strategies on how to master social media advertising at your fitness studio. Yes, you heard that right!

This talk breaks down the same strategy we use at Loud Rumor to help fitness studios generate a TON of leads through paid advertising.

6 unfairly easy sales and marketing tactics

Marketing Mastery: Step #1

The first thing every fitness studio must know and fully understand about marketing is that it is not a “cost,” it’s a spend. So what do I mean by this?

Marketing mastery is all about understanding that marketing is a spend because the mission or “purpose” of marketing is to experience the kind of ROI you wouldn’t experience without it.

In other words, you invest to grow. That’s marketing mastery.

When you understand that marketing is about opportunities, as in opportunities to increase sales, then everything else about marketing makes sense. Or, it all falls into place as they say.

Marketing Mastery: Step #2

Once you understand the cost versus spend concept, Step #2 is easy: Watch this ultimate training.

What I find quite often is that Step #1 is half the battle. It’s a mindset shift, right? Many fitness studies view marketing the same way they view a retail purchase. You pay money for a t-shirt.

But instead, when it’s viewed, measured, tracked, and optimized as an revenue generating expense, everything in this training will be like music to your ears…

What You’ll Learn

  • Three Facebook targeting options to focus on
  • The formula behind high performing ad copy
  • Why running a compelling offer DOESN’T devalue your brand
  • How to stand out on Facebook by blending in
  • Why you’re losing money by not advertising on Youtube
  • The exact YouTube ads we run at Loud Rumor
  • And so much more!

What We Mention In This Episode

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