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x3 sports founder & ceo mike littrel

CEO of 5 Fitness Studios Doing $5M/Year Shares His Killer Sales Process

x3 sports founder & ceo mike littrel

CEO of 5 Fitness Studios Doing $5M/Year Shares His Killer Sales Process

x3 sports founder & ceo mike littrel



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Show Notes

Mike Littrel, the CEO and Founder of X3 Sports, has made quite the name for himself in the fitness industry. His killer sales process has his studios making $5 Million a year!

Combining his love for business, mixed martial arts, and wrestling, Mike opened his first X3 studio in 2007 with the hopes of creating a space that made these sports less intimidating to the average person. 

Years later, this successful CEO now has 5 booming X3 studios, each bringing in an impressive $5 million dollars per year (yes, you read that correctly, million dollars)! 

Mike’s exceptional financial success shows he knows exactly what it takes to run an effective and successful sales process. 

Get Back To Sales Basics And Pick Up The Phone 

Sometimes going back to the sales basics is just what you need to see the growth and results that you desire. In an age of social media and email marketing, Mike stresses the importance of taking that extra step to pick up the phone and talk with customers in a more personal way. 

This allows you to better understand your customers’ “why” for wanting a fitness membership in the first place, which in turn leads to more closed sales. In fact, Mike holds his sales staff at each studio to the standard of making 100 calls each and every day. Much to his success, this tactic has helped his business uphold an average of 40 new appointments made per staff member per week

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The Importance Of Hiring Top Tier Talent

Implementing a successful sales process starts with hiring the right people for the right job. When sorting through resumes to hire his dynamic sales team, Mike cares much less about their exact experience and more about a resume with no gaps, a consistent record of holding down a job, and the right lifestyle to fit the fitness space. When it comes to compensating his sales team, his goal is to have the highest-paid staff in the industry. 

Just Ask For That Referral Already

At the end of the day, generating referrals starts by getting over the fear of simply asking your clients for one – flat out. Mike believes that if you’re already doing a great job serving them, they will be more inclined to share your name to help you out in return. By taking the time to build relationships before asking for a customer’s referral, one of Mike’s sales staff members was able to get an impressive 50 referrals in just one day! 

Giving Back To The Community

In addition to the millions of dollars Mike makes each year as the X3 Sports CEO, he’s also deeply committed to giving back to the community through his nonprofit, the X3 Sports Foundation. Not only does this incredible deed build morale and passion amongst his team members, but it also shows his customers that he cares about his community, not just making sales. 

Fitness Sales Process Takeaways

Here are a few of the best pieces of wisdom shared in this conversation: 

  • A Strong Sales Process And Foundation Is A Must: You can have the best sales team in the world, but without the foundation of a clear system and sales process, it’s almost impossible to see the growth and revenue that you desire. Additionally, making sure that your team is executing said process is equally essential. 
  • Sales Staff Are Hidden Gems: It takes a very specific type of person with both stellar grit and competency to excel in a sales position. Because of the sheer amount of money that a great salesperson can bring to the table, Mike believes that it’s crucial to pay them accordingly. In fact, Mike shares that all of his high-performing sales staff should be making upwards of 6 figures per year. 
  • Keep Relationship Building At The Forefront: In the fitness business, the sales process is truly NOTHING without knowing your customers on a personal level. Mike notes that the difference between an AMATEUR and a PRO sales staff member is the ways in which they build, grow, and foster relationships with new members and leads. 

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