Fitness Studio Lockdown

Fitness Studios Marketing Through Lockdown at THIS Stage of COVID

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Show Notes

It’s important your fitness studio is marketing through lockdown during THIS stage of COVID. Here’s why:

When this is all over, you’ll have more leads and more members than anyone else in the industry. Our data show that people are still looking into fitness studio memberships and virtual workouts.

How To Keep Marketing Through Lockdown

The best way to advertise, regardless of the landscape, is to get inside the conversation that’s already happening in people’s heads.

As this virus and information about the virus progress, each state is noticing different responses and different levels of severity.

As fitness studios, you really want to understand where your state and your community is at, and what conversation they’re having in their heads.

The conversation happening in the minds of people in Miami, FL is very different from the conversation happening in the minds of people in Portland, OR.

The number of cases is drastically different.

It’s important to know your community. To know what’s going on. And, to know how best to help your community.

Anyone who says “those things aren’t my brand” when it comes to virtual/online training or any of the things we can be doing to draw in revenue, is very confused with their own mission and their WHY.

In this episode, I explain why it IS your brand, why it IS your mission, and why it IS important for you to be that person. 

You’re the only group in the small business sector that can actually do this for people.

Enjoy this episode!


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