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Marketing Science For Fitness Studios: The Hidden Messages That Sell


Marketing Science For Fitness Studios: The Hidden Messages That Sell




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Show Notes

Marketing science involves testing different strategies, know your audience, and tracking them along the journey. The other component is knowing the science behind your workouts, and how to utilize that in your marketing messages…

Marketing Science: Hidden Messages That Sell

Your gym is “backed by science.” But you’re probably not using that to your advantage to sell more memberships, increase retention, and enhance your brand…

The top gyms and fitness studios do!

For example, Orangetheory uses the “Afterburn” and is “Backed by Science.” They run HIIT workouts. If your studio runs HIIT workouts, technically you’re backed by science too.

So, why do they own it?

Here’s why: They capitalized on a true, science-based angle when it comes to HIIT workouts.

Your gym can too!

In this episode of The GSD Show, Pete McCall, he’s an author, podcast host, and fitness educator, breaks down the science of fitness!

Plus, we uncover hidden marketing messages your fitness studio can use to be “backed by science” and sell more memberships.

For example: Can HIIT actually slow down the aging process? (Watch the episode to find out)

Why Science Matters

While the number one question on every prospect’s mind is “What’s in it for me?” There are a series of questions that follow, once they’re bought into the workout being for them.

Once they believe that the workout will help them hit their goals (fat loss, increased energy, lower stress, etc.), their next question is typically: “Yeah, but will it work for me?”

This is a “proof” or evidence based question that you can answer within your marketing messages!

Testimonials help in this area, but when you marry that with statistical, study-based, empirical evidence, you’ll have the ability to sell a lot more memberships.

The “Afterburn” at Orangetheory is already an appealing concept (burning fat after your workout), but when you show proof with a testimonial and provide an actual data point from a study, people have a hard time objecting to it or doubting it. Because it’s authentic.

That’s what marketing science is all about! When you can combine:

  1. This can help you hit your goals
  2. Look, it helped Julie and Julie is just like you
  3. Even scientists agree it works

…you’ll have an unbelievably powerful marketing message!

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