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How to Get More Gym Membership Sales With This Free Intake Form (+We Role Play It For You)


How to Get More Gym Membership Sales With This Free Intake Form (+We Role Play It For You)




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Show Notes

This FREE Intake Form will help you increase membership sales more than you thought possible! How?

By helping you discover a prospect’s WHY and instantly overcoming common objections.

Loud Rumor Performance Consultants Corbyn May, who managed 20 Orangetheory Fitness Studio locations, and Brittany Welk, who is the co-owner of LadyStrong Fitness do a full Role Play of this Intake Form!

Why This Intake Form Helps You Increase Membership Sales

Before Corbyn and Brittany dive into the Role Play, this is why your gym should use a client intake form… 

The client intake form is probably the most integral thing in the sales process and increasing membership sales. 

We talk a lot about showing rather than “telling” prospects in sales. You want to allow your client to tell you what they’re really looking for.

So the client intake form is designed to be used as a prompt so that you can get questions and answers out of prospects. It’ll elicit important responses. Ultimately, the other reason for the client intake form is that you’re able to overcome objections before prospects even bring them up! 

It also helps you stay on a straight line with your prospect. It keeps you both from going on a tangent and losing the momentum of the end result you both want:

You want them to be a member at your business and they want to be a member to get results.

5 Notes From The Role Play To Help You Increase Membership Sales

Your number one goal is to listen and learn. As Corbyn says, “You’ll spend 90% of the time just listening and asking questions.”

Brittany adds, “If you think you’re asking too many ‘why’ questions, then you’re doing it right. It should feel like you’re asking a lot!”

Also, take tons and tons of notes. You’ll know what’s important and what to touch on during your conversation… 

#1: Pay Attention To Hidden Clues Within Each Answer

It’s important to find out what class times work best for your prospects. This helps you establish a report with them and get to know their schedule a little better.

Listen as they explain why. Whether it’s because they have work:

“Oh, what do you do?”

Or, because they have to drop the kids off at daycare:

“Oh, how many kids do you have? What ages?”

You never know which of these things can tie back into their WHY for wanting to join your gym.

Also, notice the answers they gave on the form…

#2: Tie Their Answers Into Your Questioning

“I noticed you said you could workout 3-4 times a week…”

This is great because you know that your Unlimited Membership, for example, will be the best fit for them. Plus, as Corbyn explains, “You can also use this to make the price sound less daunting by breaking it down to cost per workout.”

Sticking with the 3-4 times per week example, this also allows you to overcome the most common membership sales objection: “I just don’t think I have enough time.”

Well, that’s tough to say when they already told you they can come in 3-4 times per week, right?

#3: Look For Red Flags That Might Decrease Membership Sales Opportunities

In their Role Play, with Brittany Welk being the prospect, she mentions things like, “I used to workout at a Rec Center,” and “I’ve done group workouts and I like those better.”

Knowing he’s selling a premium, boutique group fitness membership, Corbyn pays close attention to these things… 

As he says, “If she had said she’s never done group classes, that’d be a red flag I know I’ll need to address. She said she’s worked out at a Rec Center which is a red flag as those tend to be a much lower cost than my fitness studio.”

You want to take notes of the answers within their answers to find red flags. Are they things you’ll be able to resolve? How?

It’s good to compile a list of common red flags so you know how best to respond during the intake form process.

#4: Help Them See What’s Possible

When going through their goals on the intake form, it’s a good idea to relate their goals to the results of your fitness studio.

So for example, Brittany tells Corbyn, “After I had kids I kinda let myself go. I don’t have an exact number, maybe 15 pounds, but I really just want to get back on track again.”

Corbyn responds with, “Very cool. We have several members here who’ve gone through that as well. They’ve had kids and wanted to get back into, and now they’re crushing it. So that’s awesome.”

As you do more of these, you’ll hear similar responses. It’s a good idea to know which members can relate to your prospects, and introduce them to each other. This helps your prospect meet a real person that achieved what they want to achieve.

#5: Find Out Their WHY

Once they tell you their goal, you want to know WHY that goal is so important to them and, “What will really drive to hit that goal?” Corbyn asks.

Depending on the prospect, you might find yourself asking for a WHY of a WHY of a WHY.

In their Role Play, Brittany reveals multiple reasons why she wants to get back to working out. Including, a doctor telling her she’s getting into risky territory and needs to drop some weight.

Again, if your prospect says this and you know you have a member who overcame something similar, help the prospect feel confident in your gym by bringing that up. 

You don’t have to name the member, but it’s important that the prospect know what’s possible with you.

So, even though Brittany said 15 pounds, it’s possible what motivates her more is her kids and/or what her doctor told her.

Fun Fact: That’s Only The First Half Of This Video

Watch the entire video above and download your FREE Intake Form HERE:

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