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3 Unbreakable Sales Rules Your Fitness Studio MUST Follow | The GSD Show


3 Unbreakable Sales Rules Your Fitness Studio MUST Follow | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

In this episode of The GSD Show | How To #2, I break down 3 Unbreakable (could also add “Backed By Science”) Sales Rules Your Fitness Studio Must Follow. Why “Unbreakable”? When I give a stat from MIT in Rule #1, you’ll know. It’s an unbelievable number! But first…

Sales Rules: Hot Leads vs. Cold Leads

Here’s the TRUTH (and you’ve probably heard me say this before but it bears repeating): There’s no such thing as a bad lead. They’re all people. The only difference is where they’re at in the funnel, right? So, if someone referred Jill, a busy mother of 3 looking to feel better about the way she looks, Jill is considered a “hot lead” that you should easily be able to convert into a member. Now…

What if Jill saw your Fitness Studio’s Facebook or Instagram Ad and gave you a call? And, what if your team didn’t follow a Sales Process to get Jill into the studio and converted into a member? Is that because Jill is a bad lead? Of course not. She’s still the same busy mother of 3 looking to feel better about the way she looks — only now, she’ll unfortunately get what she’s looking somewhere else. The only difference is, she’s a “cold lead”. So obviously, in order to hit member capacity at your studio, you’ll need to close more cold/digital leads. And here we go…

These are the 3 UNBREAKABLE SALES RULES to do just that:

Sales Rule #1 | Speed

The speed at which you contact a digital lead will determine your success rate in converting them into paying members. This means, as soon as someone shows interest by filling out an online form, drop whatever you’re doing and call them immediately! Why immediately?

A study conducted by MIT shows that businesses waiting longer than 5 minutes to contact a form lead from a digital Ad had a 900% LOWER likelihood of even getting that person on the phone! That’s astronomical. But, it makes sense, doesn’t it? You’ve probably done this online yourself. When you fill out a form, your interest is extremely high. So, if you get a call within 3 minutes of hitting that submit button, you’re more likely to answer — keeping your interest piqued. Same thing goes for your Fitness Studio. SPEED matters!

Rule #2 | Frequency

This is the one rule Fitness Studios give up on way too quickly. Some people don’t convert until the 14th call, but if you stopped at 12… that’s a lost member. Others might not convert until the 28th call, but if you stopped at 27… that’s a lost member. Does that sound like a ton of follow-up calls? To sales professionals closing at high numbers, that’s just scratching the surface!

Some have the “Call Until They Buy Or Die” mentality. That’s how important follow-up and frequency is. Of course, if someone says, “Stop calling me” that changes things and I explain what to do in this situation in another training. Ok, does this mean you eventually widdle down to calling them just once a week? Nope! Every day. Multiple times a day. It’s all about frequency.

Rule #3 | Training

As a Fitness Studio Owner or Professional, you’re busy! It can be tough to make a call within 5 minutes after a form is filled out. It can be tough to call leads every day, multiple times a day. It can be tough to take calls from leads and get them into your studio. I have 2 suggestions here:

  1. Take Advantage of Our Free Trainings here on The GSD Show site OR get in-depth, step-by-step training with scripts and activities from the biggest names and leaders in the Fitness Industry through GSD 360 TEAM.
  2. Hire a person dedicated to Sales. Hire someone who will go through all of the Loud Rumor Sales Training, is dedicated to making calls, following up, and handling all incoming lead calls. It will blow your mind how quickly your studio signs new members.

I dive into even more detail in this GSD Show | HOW TO #2 above. Enjoy!

What You’ll Learn About Sales Rules

  • The true purpose (and power) of Advertising
  • Why ALL leads are good leads and should be treated as such
  • RULE #1 – Speed matters when contacting digital leads
  • RULE #2 – Frequency matters when following up with digital leads
  • RULE #3 – Training matters to convert more digital leads into paying members

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