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10X Your Fitness Studio’s Marketing Strategy | The GSD Show


10X Your Fitness Studio’s Marketing Strategy | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

Ready to 10X your marketing strategy?

Your Fitness Studio might be losing 💸 THOUSANDS 💸 in Marketing Dollars… and it’s NOT because you’re doing the wrong things.

The fact that you’re Advertising and Marketing in the first place is HUGE! But, if you’re doing it the wrong way, it’s costing you! 👇

This episode takes a look into what the TOP 5% of 2,000+ Fitness Studios are doing with their Marketing Campaigns, and how it’s leading to 🚀 SKYROCKETING 🚀 Memberships (even during Presale).

Common Myths Around Marketing Strategy

Before you watch this episode, here are some common marketing strategy myths:

#1 CPL is the only thing that matters

CPL or cost per lead is an important metric, but it’s only one of several KPIs that determine a successful marketing strategy.

fitness studio gym kpi cheat sheet gym advertising success marketing strategy

You want to track things like LCTR, or link click through rates, Frequency (how often people see your ads), and more. When you track and know how to adjust your ads based on these metrics, you’ll inevitably lower your CPL.

#2 I Don’t Need A Landing Page

A lot of gym owners believe this: “Everything they need to know is on my website.” Unfortunately, that’s true. I say “unfortunately” because it’s information overload for your marketing strategy prospects!

Instead, you should send prospects to a Landing Page that matches your advertising offer and has a simple form for them to fill out. You’ll capture a lot more leads and get a lot more prospects booked.

#3 If They Fill Out My Form They’ll Come In

A lead is just that… a lead. It’s up to you to contact them, follow up with them (this is key), and get them booked!

It still takes effort and a dialed-in sales strategy to compliment your marketing strategy!

Don’t make the mistake of thing they’re sold just because they filled out a form and came in for a FREE offer. That’s definitely money well spent in marketing, but you want them to go from an opportunity to a member, right?

Your marketing strategy will provide you more opportunities for sales than ever before. But sales is ultimately where prospects become members.

Let’s Look At The Math

If you get 20 people this month to come into your studio, interested in what you offer, and you sign 5 of them up as members. That’s a 25% closing percentage, which is pretty good!

Your marketing strategy will turn those 20 organic opportunity into 100+. At a 25% closing percentage, that’s more members than the number prospects you got without marketing.

So marketing dramatically increases your opportunity for more sales!

What You’ll Learn About Your Marketing Strategy

  • How to 10X your Marketing & Advertising strategy
  • Avoid losing THOUSANDS of dollars doing the right things the wrong way
  • How to connect with potential members like your competitors can’t

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