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Mike Arce

The Personal Evolution Of Any Gym Owner

Mike Arce

The Personal Evolution Of Any Gym Owner

Mike Arce



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Show Notes

You’ve probably heard people say, “It’s not who I am,” or “I don’t want to change who I am.” But the best of the best, even the wealthiest gym owners pull away from this through a personal evolution…

Personal Evolution: Batman versus Bruce Wayne

Imagine if, after everything that happened to Bruce Wayne, and with all of the crime in Gotham, if he said, “I don’t want to change who I am.” But wait…

He still wants to help Gotham, so he goes through as billionaire civilian, beating up criminals. How long would he last doing that?

See, the successful are always looking to improve, evolve, and change for the better. Bruce Wayne needed to be more, he needed more armor, and a more evolved way of combating the criminal underworld of Gotham. That’s why he created Batman.

Even after creating Batman, he would look for ways to improve his suit, gadgets, and abilities.

As gym owners, you should be looking to do the same. Who do you want to evolve into in the next five or ten years?

Maybe “not being good at sales” is who you are today, but it doesn’t mean that’s who you have to be in the next month.

“I’m not good at hiring the right employees,” might be who you feel you are today, but what can you do, what personal evolution would you have to go through to become the opposite of that?

Implement The Actions Required Of Someone Who Accomplished (Past Tense) Your Goals

Think about the goals you set for yourself…

Maybe you want to own 5 fitness studios in the next 5 years.

Or let’s say you want to retire while still earning an income from what you’ve built.

Think about the type of person who already accomplished those things. How do they carry themselves? How do they talk, dress, act? What things did they have to do to achieve that?

…that is who you need to become, how you need to start acting today in order to achieve what you ultimately want.

When I was running a $100,000 business, I wasn’t the type of person capable of running a $1,000,000. It was my goal, but there’s no way the $100k me could handle $1M… a personal evolution was required!

I had to be willing to step outside of my comfort zone and start behaving, learning, and changing who I was in order to become the type of person responsible (key word) of owning a $1M business.

Don’t Leave Your Personal Evolution Up To Your “Feelings”

Emotion plays a huge role in starting down a better path, in the desire and motivation to improve yourself, but tracking and measuring your path keeps you going.

Tracking and measuring proves your growth and instills good habits long-term.

For example, practicing your sales scripts with your team every single day and implementing them is the right thing to do… and it makes everyone feel good, confident, and productive.

But, is it actually having an impact on the business? Every personal evolution (and business growth for that matter) requires setting challenging but achievable quotas, and tracking and measuring your progress.

What’s your closing percentage after practicing scripts every day for a month? How many members did you sign this month compared to last month? What number of referrals are you attaining at the point of each sale?

The point is, in order to grow, we have to be willing to change who we are. More importantly, we should be excited to go throw each personal evolution! Even if it’s difficult or pulls us out of our comfort zone, the reward is worth the change!

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