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45 New Gym Members In 30 Days: The Ultimate Sales Transformation


45 New Gym Members In 30 Days: The Ultimate Sales Transformation




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Show Notes

In this episode, Brandon Christ from SOLDIERFIT Sterling joins me to talk about how he went from 0 to 45 new gym members in 30 days. Plus, that was 30 straight days of a 100% closing rate.

“I thought back to our first conversation,” Brandon tells me, “when you said I should smile more and I told you I wasn’t much of a smiler…”


When Brandon Started At 0 New Gym Members

It wasn’t that long ago that Brandon posted in the Loud Rumor Members Only Facebook Group that he was frustrated.

He couldn’t get people on the phone, he couldn’t get them to book, he couldn’t get around the price question, and he couldn’t close anyone…

7 days after we talked and doing some role-playing with his sales script, Brandon got 11 leads booked and sold all 11 of them.

Fast-forward a month after we spoke and Brandon went on a 30-day streak where he closed 100% of the leads he booked for a class.

Brandon tells me he did some digging inside and realized, “I wasn’t a smiler because I was saying that I wasn’t a smiler—and there’s no reason for that because I absolutely love health and fitness.”

It’s also because health and fitness helped change Brandon’s life, “I have bipolar and wasn’t allowed to enlist in the Military, so doing this has helped me overcome that so why not be excited about this and smile?”

It wasn’t just our convo that helped Brandon…


He Not Only Learned, He Applied What He Learned To Get More Gym Members

Brandon says a lot of his success also came from my Sales Certification Course in GSD 360, “This helped me ask better questions which sort of allowed the leads to sell themselves.”

So here we are… the ultimate test… Brandon role-plays his new sales script with me… and what happens is unbelievable! 

Not one correction.

I didn’t change anything about his script. He had me and I was excited to join him for a free class at SOLDIERFIT.

“Who are you and what did you do with the Brandon Christ guy I talked to like a month ago??” I ask him.

I was so proud of him and I could tell he took a lot of pride in the work he put in to get to that point. It was awesome.

“At that kind of closing rate there’s not much I can do to help you close better but,” I tell him, “there are some things I can do to help you close more people. You ready for Phase 2?”

“Yeah, I’m ready,” he tells me.


How To Go From 45 New Gym Members In 30 Days To 60+

Sales is all about optimizing. There are scripts for every scenario. But you have to know what you’re good at and what your regular objections are.

If you notice people book appointments but don’t show up, start utilizing the credit card script which I taught Ashley from Team Surus in this Blog Post…

For Brandon, Phase 2 is having the people he gets booked bring a guest… or two. Here’s how that works…

Me: Awesome, Brandon, I have you locked in that spot for 4 PM and hey, it looks like I’ve got another spot free, is there anyone you want to invite with you? Your wife, spouse, friend, co-worker?

Brandon: Yeah, I think my girlfriend would like to do this type of workout with me.

It’s a simple tactic with Brandon’s awesome close rate that could take his sales numbers to the next level. Instead of 45, he could be hitting 60+ in the next 30 days.

…and that 60+ compounds even more with the referral script added to the end of his current script.

What happens next when you start signing more gym members?


Do Whatever You Can To Get More Gym Leads In Front Of Salespeople Like This

When someone is closing and confident like Brandon is right now, that studio needs to do everything they can to get more leads in front of him.

  • Increase your marketing budget to generate more leads
  • Put more effort into your referral program to get more people in
  • Ramp up promotions that get more prospects in front of salespeople like Brandon

When it gets to be a lot for Brandon, it’s time to bring on (or hire within) another salesperson Brandon can teach to close the way Brandon closes.

That’s fitness studio growth… at scale!


Something To Watch Out For When Gym Salespeople Get Really Good

Right now, Brandon’s on a hot streak. 

Just like a shooter in Basketball, when they’re on fire, keep feeding them the ball. 

But, here’s how even good salespeople can fall off…

When confident salespeople think it’s just genetic that they’re so great at closing. This is definitely not Brandon, but it’s something you should watch out for. I’ve seen it.

  • They think that scripts don’t matter—or they start making up their own scripts.
  • They’ll start believing that they can close anyone—that they can sell water to a whale.

That’s how good salespeople fall off. 

But great salespeople don’t settle and don’t even think they’re great yet.

Guys like Brandon always follow the best practices. They keep learning and growing and improving.

Brandon made instant changes and saw what he was capable of in just one week. But he didn’t stop.

He kept going through GSD 360 courses and kept improving on his script, his delivery, and the “intention of each call,” as he says it, that he made.

So if Phase 2 for Brandon is adding referrals to his scripts, what’s Phase 3? He already started it…


Your Gym’s Sales List Is Directly Tied To Your Salesperson’s Income

Phase 3 is being super efficient.

“After we talked the 2nd time, I started doing the math,” Brandon tells me, “I started timing my calls and voicemails to see how fast I could go.”

When salespeople realize their list of leads is directly tied to their income, they’ll want to increase their call volume.

Especially if they’re closing well.

Take Brandon. He closed 45 gym members in 30 days and started asking How can I close 50?

Part of that is knowing how long each call takes and making more calls faster in the same amount of time.

  • They figure out how to dial faster
  • They’ll take notes and get the next call ready while leaving a voicemail

“So I think with asking for referrals like you said,” Brandon tells me, “and calling even more people, I can beat our current record.”

The current record of new gym member sales in a month sits at 62. Brandon’s working hard to beat that and it just shows you what type of worker he is.


My Gym Leads Aren’t Any Good

“The leads aren’t any good…”

I recommend watching this part in the video above. 

The leads Brandon closed weren’t “good” leads or “bad” leads… they were just leads.

“They’re people,” Brandon says, “they filled out a form for a free class at our gym. I’m grateful for that and do everything I can to help them out.”

That’s exactly right. I take it further in the video and what a the leads are bad mindset really means.

You’ll also want to hear the end when Brandon says he hit one of his biggest goals that he set 3 years ago. Pretty cool.

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