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Grant Cardone: The New Sales Strategy Fitness Studios Won’t Survive COVID-19 Without


Grant Cardone: The New Sales Strategy Fitness Studios Won’t Survive COVID-19 Without




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Show Notes

Grant Cardone: “STOP looking for opportunities to point fingers, argue, respond negatively, and START looking for opportunities to serve. Service always outlasts crisis.”

Grant Cardone is arguably the greatest salesman on the planet and he has a new sales strategy fitness studios need to start using NOW during COVID-19. Plus, he dives into:

  • His business mindset during times of crisis
  • How fitness studio owners are stronger than they think
  • What you need to focus on to propel your business beyond Coronavirus

Three words will help you sell more memberships now and beyond COVID-19…

Your New Fitness Studio Sales Strategy From Grant Cardone

Before this crisis, the money was there, right? People had it, even if they seemed apprehensive about parting ways with it to join your studio, they had it. On top of that, you had scripts lined up and ready to go for every objection. Coronavirus changed all of that…

“You’re really going to haggle over $1 right now? Make the deal.” Grant says. “If someone you’re speaking to is unemployed, let them work out for free…” give them access to your recorded workouts, “what matters is serving them, HELPING them, so that when this is all over, they only want to do business with YOU.”

Make The Deal

In other words, the sales strategy during Coronavirus is simple: “Make the deal.” Whatever that deal might be. If you’re currently charging $99 a month for your at-home, virtual workouts and someone tells you, “Yeah, I can’t really swing that right now.” respond with, “I totally understand, times are tough, what about $79? Can you do $79?”

The goal is to get them signed up with you. Now, hopefully, you’ve been able to work out a deal with your landlord making your overhead very low during all of this. Use that to your advantage. As Grant says, “I don’t want the $1, I want the people.” He says he’s better off when this whole thing is over if he signs 100 people versus rejecting 98 because only 2 of them were willing to pay full price.

Make the deal.

Fitness Studio Owners: You’re Stronger Than You Might Think

When the economy tanked in 2008, both Grant Cardone and I were fighting to build our businesses. Both of our lives were in turmoil and we had no choice but to get after it. For me, my wife, Marjon, was pregnant and fired from her job. I had to dig down within myself and find a gritty, hard-working, no-quit version of myself that I didn’t even know existed. Grant did too…

“In 2008, I thought I was flying and boom, punched in the face. Boom knocked down again. BOOM! again. I wasn’t expecting any of this. I was 50 years old, my wife was expecting a baby, and I didn’t know I could get pummeled like that.” BUT, as Grant puts it, “NOW I DO know I can get pummeled like that and, because I fought through it and kept my sites set on the future, I ALSO know I can overcome it… and so can you.”

Back to Normal

It’s said over and over to a point where it’s becoming a cliche but, these really are “uncertain times.” If we knew when we could get back to normal, if we knew when we could reopen, if we knew when this was all going to be over, we’d know exactly how much we can tolerate and how to make it through. But, of course, hard times don’t work like that.

Times like these, as terrible as they are, are designed to test us. This is where we find out what we’re made of, how much fight we’ve got in us, and what we can take on as business owners. Even if you’re a new business owner like I was in 2008, you’re not alone and you can get through this.

Grant Cardone: Steady Improvement Is Still Improvement

There’s a great analogy and I can’t remember who claimed that they train this way but, it goes something like this: Let’s say you’re going for your personal best Squat. You’ve never hit this number and honestly, you’re OK if you fail because you’ve never done it before. Then, let’s say you lift it! You’re shocked and you celebrate. Now, let’s say that instead of it being a barbell on your back that you have to squat up, it’s your entire family. And, unless you get into a standing position, they’ll be devoured by hungry wolves surrounding your feet.

Holy sh*t, right? You could probably knock out 3 reps of your PR with that mindset. If you really want to overcome challenging times like this, think of the worst-case scenario and what you’d have to do to overcome it.

It’s not easy. None of this is. But, as a fitness studio owner, as a business owner, as a leader, you’re a hell of a lot stronger than you think.

Which means, there’s only one thing to do: GSD.

What You’ll Learn from Grant Cardone

  • The importance of “Making The Deal” during Coronavirus. As he says, it’s better to sign all 100 of your leads at different prices, than lose 98 of them because only 2 were willing to pay full price. Don’t haggle, just make the deal.
  • He also changes your mindset on this crisis and proves that you, the fitness studio owner, the leader, are stronger than you might think.
  • On top of that, Grant gives you the best response to prospects who are, unfortunately, unemployed… and why those prospects will love you for doing this long after COVID-19 ends.

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