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How Gyms Reopen Successful: Owner Of 7 Locations, Matt Kafora Broke Both Of His Knees And Still Reopened During The Coronavirus Pandemic


How Gyms Reopen Successful: Owner Of 7 Locations, Matt Kafora Broke Both Of His Knees And Still Reopened During The Coronavirus Pandemic




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Show Notes

How do gyms reopen successfully? Matt Kafora reopened his 7 locations to some incredible numbers despite breaking both of his knees simultaneously…

When Gyms Reopen And The Revenue Isn’t Flowing Back Int

While Matt had to cut a lot of his staff, the staff that remained was very smart during lockdown and quarantine.

My team would call members and engage with them to prevent pauses or cancelations,” Matt says, “they’d even find ways to host an outdoor workout here and there.

His team was still selling new memberships as if they were in presale.

“Everyone remained on their A game and could see the future after all of this was over,” he says.

Many gyms had a “wait it out” mentality… now that gyms reopen, they believe all of their memberships and revenue would magically come flowing back in.

“You have to treat it as if you’re starting over,” Matt says, “you’re not, but when you treat it that way you actually will get back to even or in the black faster.”

Managing His Gyms Reopen From A Hospital Bed

“So during the lockdown I was helping my parents move some of their furniture…

Somehow, while carrying a heavy piece of furniture, my leg caught the ramp that goes into the moving truck and I snapped both of my knees.

Doctors told me I’d be lucky if I had a full recovery and that I’d have to relearn how to walk again…”

All of this right as restrictions were starting to be lifted and his gyms reopen.

So what did Matt do? Did he ask “Why me?” No…

Matt asked “How can I make this work?”

“I’ll admit, I went to some pretty dark places sitting in that hospital bed… I became very depressed and almost went into a downward spiral.”

Matt remembered his WHY and focused on being the father his son needs.

He managed his team and his businesses from the hospital bed, and later from home before he was able to walk.

When Gyms Reopen, True Leaders Shine

Leaders are focused on the big picture, the potential, and are able to pull people along in achieving the future… building it. That’s what Matt did.

Matt got laser focused on his gyms reopening in the black and growing again. He also go laser focused on his recovery and started walking, moving, even lifting weights faster than any of the doctors thought possible.

Yes, he’s superhuman… but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t achieve greatness. Especially with a guy like Matt on our side willfully helping us be more successful.

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Focus on “how can I make this happen?” like Matt did, create a vision for the future, then reverse engineer that vision to accomplish it!

3 Simple Ways To Increase Revenue When Gyms Reopen

Many gym owners are afraid to lose the members who actually come back when they reopen. Instead, they should be focused on how to grow. Here are the 3 simple ways to increase revenue when gyms reopen:

#1 Cancellation Fees Are Still In Effect After Gyms Reopen

Slots are more coveted than ever with limited capacity and social distancing. Don’t allow a member to ghost one of your classes (that someone else would be happy to attend) without accountability.

If someone is a “no show” to a class, the $12 fee still applies. With everything going on, members will actually appreciate being held accountable by their gym.

#2 Maximize Your Referrals With The Members You Have

Didn’t get as many members back in as you’d hoped? No problem. The members who did come back (and each new member you sign) should be multiplied through a referrals process.

This is non-negotiable. You have to implement a referrals process to increase revenue and memberships regardless of the economic climate, a pandemic, or being bedridden because you have two broken knees!

fitness studio gym referrals

#3 Boost The Promotion, Process, And Sales Of Ancillary Products

“For my gyms, we sell heart rate monitors as part of our process,” Matt says, “So on top of that, we created bundles of heart rate monitors, apparel, water bottles, and more.”

It’s also a good idea to get into the supplement game and create some recurring revenue.

Combine this with multiplying your memberships through referrals, and watch your revenue spike upward.

Final Word On Gyms Reopening

Think back to when you first opened your gym and how you were willing to do whatever it takes to make it succeed,” Matt says, “people are counting on THAT version of you again. Unleash THAT version of you and lead from the front… or the hospital bed, if you have to.”

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