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FunkFit & The Collective | Jeremy & Luis

Master The Blueprint for Fitness Business Sales, Lead Generation, and Referrals

FunkFit & The Collective | Jeremy & Luis

Master The Blueprint for Fitness Business Sales, Lead Generation, and Referrals

FunkFit & The Collective | Jeremy & Luis



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Show Notes

On today’s episode of The GSD Show, we featured Jeremy Jones and Luis Galindo of FunkFit, a fitness studio in Gilbert, Arizona that has mastered the blueprint for fitness business sales, lead generation and referrals. After growing their gym from $43,000 to $73,000 in monthly recurring revenue within three months, the duo are now in the process of building another studio called The Collective. Jones and Galindo discuss the secrets to their success and how they have achieved this incredible growth.

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The Sales Process – Calling Leads

They attribute their success to their sales process, which focuses on the prospect’s journey from the initial contact to becoming a member. The team is committed to making personal connections with prospects, and the attrition rate is only six percent, which is lower than the industry average of 12 to 15 percent.

During the prospect’s first phone call, the team makes sure to connect with them, learn about their goals and get them booked. They have also emphasized the importance of calling a prospect within five minutes of receiving a form, as this increases the chances of reaching them by 900 percent. If the prospect doesn’t answer, the team will call again and send a text.

Once the team connects with a prospect, they delve deep into their goals, asking questions such as what getting healthier means to them and why it’s important. They believe that going three to seven layers deep is important to gain insight into the prospect’s motivations and what they hope to achieve.

The team’s sales process is regularly discussed, and they aim to make improvements wherever possible. They use a script during the sales call to ensure consistency, and they encourage their team to follow it closely. They also use the double-call technique to increase the likelihood of reaching prospects.

Booking With a Credit Card

In previous episodes we’ve talked about the impact of booking with a credit card. Jeremy & Luis knew the importance, but getting their team on board was the challenge. The team had initial reluctance to ask customers to provide their credit card information. They were hesitant at first, but with time and repetition, they have grown to understand the importance of the process.

The team follows up with customers via text, email, and calls to confirm bookings. The goal is to increase the show percentage by making sure customers show up for their appointments on time. Jeremy & Luis acknowledge that video messages are a new concept for the team, but they are coaching them on how to make the messages effective.

What Happens When a Lead Enters Your Studio?

Once their team has confirmed the appointment with the lead, next they set expectations. They let them know they should arrive at least 20 minutes early for their class. They have their team mention, “Check in time is 30 minutes before class.” That gives them a 10 minute buffer in case the lead is running late. Having the lead arrive 20 minutes before class ensures a smooth tour & intake process.

In our 360+ program, we have a step-by-step playbook on how to have a tour that gets more people to sign up with you before they even take a class with you! Learn more about our program by clicking the button below!


Selling with Retail

They also talk about the gym’s retail center, which includes a smoothie bar that brings in about $10k per month in revenue. They mention that every item in the retail center has a story, and they particularly highlight a bar called the “Perfect Food Bar”, which they sell because it is the cleanest bar they could find. The bar took them over a year to find and is now sold at several large retailers.

Jeremy & Luis also mention that they sell Lululemon products and have a strategic partnership with the company. They note that new members may be offered something from the smoothie bar soon after they arrive, as part of the gym’s effort to provide a high-quality experience and to get them to start buying before they even sign up!

When members buy more from you, they usually stay with you longer. Learn more about that here!

Data Sells

They also emphasize the importance of leveraging data to sell gym memberships, as data can be a powerful motivator. For example, they mention the use of the in-body scanner to track body fat percentage and the monthly tracking of strength gains. If Jane comes into your gym at 40% body fat percentage, and only able to do 2 push ups…you should track that. After 3 months in the program (with her being consistent of course), rescan her & test how many push ups she can do now. Likely body fat % went down & strength went up.

Data can be presented in different ways to appeal to different people. Some may respond better to a percentage decrease in body fat, while others may be motivated by improving their strength by 50 percent. Some may even prefer to focus on the specific movements that they will be doing in the gym they were never able to do before.

Either way, you should be using data to sell. Here is a short clip diving more into that!


After the lead takes the class and is ready to sign up…the job isn’t finished yet. Those who are in our 360+ program like Jeremy & Luis are, know the importance of asking for referrals. 

They have created a professional-looking sheet with five fields for that new member to give them five referrals. (You ask for five and are happy with three.)

 They give a welcome bag or goodie bag to customers, and while the customer is waiting for the bag, they ask them to write down the names and numbers of five people they would like to see working out at the gym with them. They say that 90% of the time, people write down at least two to three names, and sometimes all five. 

They do this with every new member, which is a compound effect. Amateurs add, professionals multiply.

If you’re interested in learning more about Loud Rumor and our 360+ program, hop on a free strategy call by clicking the button below!

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