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Fitness Studio Lockdown

Fitness Studio’s Response To Going Back Into Quarantine

Fitness Studio Lockdown

Fitness Studio’s Response To Going Back Into Quarantine

Fitness Studio Lockdown



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Show Notes

Arizona was just told that gyms had to close by 8:00 PM tonight for another 30 days. That’s right, back into quarantine. Here’s how fitness studios who actually increased revenue during the pandemic, respond to news like this… 

Responding To Quarantine

Considering Arizona’s stats are pretty on par or possibly even lower than Texas and Florida, it’s likely we’ll see these two states close as well and possibly some other trailing states.

But the top fitness studios we work with, quarantine or not, will pivot to virtual and keep the pedal to the metal with marketing and sales.

You want to treat it like your presale. No, you’re not open now, but you will be and when you are, they’ll want to ensure they have a membership!

With that said, we’re sticking with what we said back in March that this could go on longer than just the summer. If so, our job is to be prepared. In this episode, I help fitness studios understand how to best prepare for the next wave.

5 Steps You Need To Take Right Now

I’m going to list the steps every fitness studio owner should take during quarantine here, but I go into each one more in-depth in the episode, so be sure to listen to that:

  1. Run virtual workouts
  2. Market and sell virtual
  3. Remember that you are helping people
  4. Don’t wait it out, figure it out
  5. Fight back, don’t throw in the towel

The bottom line is this: You are a business owner, a leader. People are counting on you to persevere. Don’t let quarantine or a pandemic stop you from helping others and achieving your goals.

Be the coach people need right now and please, don’t give up yourself! If you can overcome this pandemic and quarantine, you can overcome anything.

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