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F45’s Pistole Pete: 4 Keys to Catapult Gym Profit | The GSD Show


F45’s Pistole Pete: 4 Keys to Catapult Gym Profit | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

Want more gym profit? Well, are members excited to come into your studio and get their butts kicked? That’s step one! But it doesn’t end there…

Is your team excited to come into your gym and kick some butt? If not, F45’s Peter “Pistol Pete” Pisani is in the Loud Rumor house, on The GSD Show to teach you how to build internal and external excitement around your gym… and the long-term benefits are huge!

Improving your culture will improve your overall and long-term revenue. It not only gets new members into your doors, but it builds retention, and overall gym profit.

Pete breaks it down with 4 keys to catapulting your fitness studio profits:

Gym Profit Key #1 | Experience

You want your fitness studio to be an incredible experience for your members. Not just when they walk through the door, but before they come in they should be excited about it. When they’re there it should feel like, “I can’t get this anywhere else.” And when they leave, they should be excited to go back.

This is what gets people to bring friends and family in. This builds community. This gives them something to talk about when conversations stall… we’ve all been there, right?

Most importantly, your TEAM should feel the exact same way. Pistol Pete says, “With F45, we’re a family and this is our home… and we treat it that way… we treat each other that way.”

Gym Profit Key #2 | Preparation

Every aspect of your fitness studio should have a script and a process. It’s something we’ve talked about a lot here on The GSD Show and it’s something that’s made F45 very successful.

“You have to go through the reps, you have to role-play, and you have to be prepared,” Pete says. He also makes a great analogy that it’s like a football team. Everyone knows their role, is talented in their role, and loves playing their role. However, you don’t want your Quarterback playing on the Defensive Line but because you’ve built a great culture, you know your Quarterback will step up and fill that slot no questions asked if he or she had to.

Gym Profit Key #3 | Ownership

“We can’t have finger-pointing,” F45’s Pistol Pete says, “We don’t play the blame game here and we look for opportunities to take ownership and accountability.” Because, as Pete says, everyone wants F45 to succeed and remembering that helps us avoid blaming each other and creating a toxic environment. Something Mike Arce and the team at Loud Rumor practice too.

Gym Profit Key #4 | Empathy

“You have to care about people. You have to care about their goals. And not only that, you have prove to them that you truly understand what they’re going through,” Pete says, “Empathy seems to have gotten lost in our industry.” Do you feel that way? Let’s think about it…

  • We sign a new member
  • They start classes
  • The instructor is at the front with a microphone and everyone goes
  • That member cools down and heads home

It’s standard, but it could be better, right? Part of creating an incredible fitness studio experience is a deeper, bonding, personal connection with each and every member. “But I have over 500 members!” Great, that’s 500 people who’s life you’ll change through empathy. That’s you living your best life so they can live theirs. That’s fulfillment!

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Podcast Timestamps

[0:06] Taking ego out of the fitness industry.
[0:55] How F45’s Peter Pisani got the nickname “Pistol Pete.”
[3:38] Chasing Pistol Pete through Las Vegas.
[5:35] How Pete became the F45 Global Performance Director.
[6:54] The #1 way to generate more fitness studio sales.
[9:42] What eachof your team members is responsible for.
[12:43] How fitness studios can create a great sales process.
[14:14] What challenges Pete faces in his role at F45.
[16:22] The daily 15-minute fitness studio profit game-changer.
[20:01] How fitness studios took calls from Mike Arce.
[20:32] Don’t look for someone to blame, take ownership.
[24:46] The coolest part about Pete’s job at F45.
[28:03] Brining empathy back to the fitness industry.
[28:57] The #1 thing fitness studio owners must practice.
[30:40] Great personal development and leadership books for fitness studio owners.

What You’ll Learn

  • Experience: Build an experience members and team can’t get anywhere else.
  • Preparation: Create systems and scripts that, when executed, can’t lose.
  • Ownership: Develop a no finger-pointing policy so people take accountability.
  • Empathy: Really put yourself in your members’ AND team’s shoes.

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