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Erik Russell: The Art of Selling Fitness Studio Memberships | The GSD Show


Erik Russell: The Art of Selling Fitness Studio Memberships | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

Want to sell more memberships and increase revenue at your fitness studio? You’re in luck, Erik Russell wrote the book on it…

In this episode, Loud Rumor CEO sits down with Erik Russell, the international best-selling author of The Art of Selling Memberships.

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Erik, a successful fitness studio owner with 20+ years of experience selling memberships, helps thousands of fitness professionals improve their sales numbers.

He’s now a highly sought after membership sales consultant in the fitness industry, and today, we sit down to discuss how he’s helping studios get more members through his simple, but highly effective sales process.

Erik Russell: What Fitness Studio’s Are Missing When It Comes To Membership Sales

Erik Russell breaks down the number one thing too many fitness studios are missing when it comes to membership sales:

They’re not following a dialed-in, detailed, practiced, honed-in sales process.

So that means scripts, role-playing, calling, texting, scheduling, and everything in between. Erik breaks down the complete strategy and system he uses. And, the exact system that’s helped so many other fitness studio owners grow.

Plus, we do some role-play so you can actually see, hear, and feel how some of these conversations should go.

What You’ll Learn

  • Erik Russell’s proven sales process to close over 70% of your leads
  • The 4 objections every lead has and how to overcome them
  • What to say to prospects after the workout that gets them to convert
  • Strategies for increasing prospect show up rate
  • How to present membership options
  • The script for closing more paid in full memberships
  • How to leverage the fact that prospects buy with emotion not logic
  • And tons more!

What We Mention In This Episode

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