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Episode 054

How to Create Long Term Additional Revenue & Retain More Members

Episode 054

How to Create Long Term Additional Revenue & Retain More Members

Episode 054



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Show Notes

Inside the DotFIT Studio Kit you’ll get ✔︎ $0 down ✔︎ $95 license fee per month ✔︎ $0 unlimited DotFIT certifications ✔︎ 60% rev share for online orders ✔︎ $100 worth of supplements

Today we’re going over exact ways that your fitness studio can seriously increase its monthly revenue without needing to up your membership pricing. We’re talking with Zach Lucas of dotFIT. Get ready to learn how to make more money, add more value to your members’ lives, and systemize your studio.

What You’ll Learn

  • Exact strategy that’ll earn your studio an extra $5,000/ month
  • How to increase your member payment from $99/month to $115/month
  • The DSHEA Act and how it effects your studio
  • Top supplements that people want, look for, and need
  • How to build the perfect “gym tab” for your studio
  • All about “SOP” – Standing operating procedures
  • How to recruit top instructors and managers for your studio
  • The best ways to answer the phone at your fitness business. Learn the best questions to ask
  • How to solidify your studio’s processes so that everything is seamless for your team and your members

What We Mention In This Episode

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