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Episode 050

Behind the Scenes of The Most & Least Successful Fitness Studios

Episode 050

Behind the Scenes of The Most & Least Successful Fitness Studios

Episode 050



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Show Notes

In this episode, our CEO and Account Manager join forces as they cover the exact steps that the top fitness studios have taken to become #1 in their industry – and what steps to avoid along the way. We cover franchises like Orangetheory Fitness and more.

What You’ll Learn

  • The main commonalities between our most successful fitness studios
  • How to calculate your customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • A fitness studio’s average retention rates over 6 months and 1 year
  • How and what to delegate in your business for greater success
  • The power of “white space” and why it’s so important to have
  • Proven goal-setting strategies
  • How to  become a student of sales and implement “the decoy effect”
  • What the #1 rule is in marketing
  • How to hire the best person or team for your studio’s marketing

What We Mention In This Episode

Thanks so much for watching this episode! Be sure to tune in next week as we cover pre-sales with Chris Weber of Beakinship.

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