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Episode 048

How Fitness Studios Turn Cold Leads into Hot Leads

Episode 048

How Fitness Studios Turn Cold Leads into Hot Leads

Episode 048



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Show Notes

In this episode, learn exactly how to nurture your cold leads through copywriting, email marketing, building your list, and establishing a tribe for your fitness studio. Our guest, Jennifer Hudye, teaches you how to turn your new prospects into loyal followers and believers of your business.

What You’ll Learn

  • The definition of a cold, warm, and hot lead
  • How many emails to include in a welcome series
  • Exact copy for an automated email campaign – and a tip on how to end each email
  • Top email marketing statistics
  • How to segment your audiences to send them the best copy for their needs
  • The importance of defining your leads’ pain points and how to create content around that

What We Mention In This Episode

Thanks so much for watching this episode! Be sure to tune in next week as we invite Startup Active to the show to the show for “What Every Fitness Website Should Have.”

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