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Episode 043

Becoming A 7-Figure Online Personal Trainer

Episode 043

Becoming A 7-Figure Online Personal Trainer

Episode 043



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Show Notes

Our guest on today’s episode is Mina Arroyo, Founder and CEO of Bikini Breakthrough. Here you’ll learn about her journey and the exact steps she took to transform her passion for fitness and competing into an erupting, 7-figure online career. If you’re interested in launching an online program for your fitness studio, or simply taking your personal training service online, Mina tells you how she did it quickly and efficiently – and with thousands of followers.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to transition from personal training on the floor, to personal training online
  • The exact social media engagement that Mina uses to build thousands of followers
  • The different tools used to take your online personal training to the next level
  • How to help more people in less time
  • A proven pricing breakdown for your online personal training service
  • How often to email your audience and stay in front of them (as well as what content to send!)

What We Mention In This Episode

  • Bikini Breakthrough
  • Mina Arroyo’s Free 7 Day Nutritional Plan
  • Facebook Live
  • Magnetic Success Summit
  • Mina’s website

Thanks so much for watching this episode! Be sure to tune in next week as we welcome Yuri Elkaim to the show. He’ll cover his freedom formula for seriously scaling your fitness business.

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