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Episode 037

Top 6 Operational & Strategic Ways to Grow Your Studio

Episode 037

Top 6 Operational & Strategic Ways to Grow Your Studio

Episode 037



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Show Notes

In this episode, we cover a TON of new strategies and processes to grow your fitness studio Our guest is Chantal Brodrick, the host of The Fitness Business Podcast, and today she’s sharing a bunch of tips she’s learned from the 80+ guests she’s interviewed.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to start retargeting your fitness studio’s audience on Facebook
  • A 3-step action plan to set up a reward program at your fitness studio
  • How to use the law of appreciation to grow your fitness studio
  • How to build a great community within your fitness business
  • How to handle customer complaints the right way
  • What the future of group fitness might look like
  • Fitness industry leaders’ biggest hurdles and how they overcame them

What We Mention in This Episode

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