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Tina Garza: Master The Finance Fitness Studio Game | The GSD Show


Tina Garza: Master The Finance Fitness Studio Game | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

Tina Garza is the Founder and CEO of AccountingProse and she’s on The GSD Show to help your master the finance fitness game. So, what does she know about the fitness industry? Well…

Tina’s the bookkeeper that Loud Rumor and hundreds of fitness studio owners because we all trust her and her company to manage our finances. But, on top of that, she helps thousands of small business owners overcome their fear of numbers and master them.

Finance Fitness: Get Your Numbers In Great Shape

As an expert in finance fitness, Tina Garza gets invited to speak on some of the biggest stages in the industry like Mindbody’s BOLD Conference and GSDCON, the #1 Fitness Studio Conference on planet earth!

So, as Tina makes clear in this episode, what every fitness studio owner needs to know is their numbers. 100%, fewer things are more important than that! And, she teaches you what to know, as well as how to track them.

The reason is, your numbers tell the story of your business. They help you determine what moves you can or shouldn’t make. And, numbers show you where you’re succeeding, failing, and how you can ultimately increase revenue in your studio.

Ready to get financially fit? I really think you’re going to enjoy this episode and mastering your fitness studio’s finances to achieve financial freedom.

What You’ll Learn

  • How and what you should pay yourself as a business owner
  • What you should really be paying your employees so it makes sense for your business
  • How to calculate your member acquisition costs and what it should be
  • The most important numbers successful CEO’s know and track
  • Industry benchmarks to know where you stand with your finances
  • The right way to track retention and forecast your financials
  • Why most fitness studio owners struggle with financials
  • and much more!

What We Mention About Finance Fitness In This Episode

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