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TriFIT Wellness Owner Laurel Roach

How To Close Corporate Fitness Membership Sales: TriFIT Wellness Owner Laurel Roach’s Exact Strategy For Increasing Revenue

TriFIT Wellness Owner Laurel Roach

How To Close Corporate Fitness Membership Sales: TriFIT Wellness Owner Laurel Roach’s Exact Strategy For Increasing Revenue

TriFIT Wellness Owner Laurel Roach



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Show Notes

When it comes to corporate fitness membership sales, Laurel Roach, owner of TriFIT Wellness says, “I’m hedging all of my bets on this.” Why?

“I wanted the ability to make larger one-time sales,” she says, “these sales are a win for everyone…”

How exactly is a fitness studio getting involved in a corporate wellness program a win for everyone?

“They company wins with write-offs, insurance discounts, and more,” Laurel explains, “It’s a win for the employees who get healthier and fitter, and it’s a win for my employees and my business.”

Corporate Fitness Membership Sales and Monthly Recurring Revenue

Typically, Laurel Roach will sell long-term, 12-month contracts with the corporations she works with.

“My biggest contract was my first one,” she says, “It’s a small Law Firm with about seven people and the owner pays $2,900 a month.”

I’ll let you do the math on that.

Hint: It’s around $414 per month, per employee.

“That’s not a typical package that I sell,” Laurel explains, “we’re doing things a little differently for that law firm and they’re getting a whole lot more than just fitness.”

However, it’s a good example of what Laurel’s been able to accomplish since pivoting towards corporate fitness sales.

“I’m at about $90,000 in contracts and I’ve only been at this for about six months,” she says.

How To Speak The Corporate Language

“There’s a massive opportunity in corporate fitness sales,” Laurel Roach, owner of TriFIT Wellness tells me, “In my research, I found that a lot of fitness studios fail in this space because they don’t speak the language that corporate leaders speak.”

Fitness studios struggle with things like:

  • Saturation in the market
  • Keeping members engaged
  • Consistent turnover
  • Longer-term contracts

Putting the right corporate fitness package in front of the right corporation and in the right way, will dramatically increase your revenue.

What most corporations don’t realize is that there’s a problem with their current corporate wellness program… that’s where you come in.

You get to look at their plan and help them.

They’re typically losing money paying into a corporate wellness program where, when they work with your fitness studio, they’ll actually start gaining that money back.

In fact, most of the time, corporate insurance rebates cover the cost of the fitness contract.

How To Find Corporate Sales And Close Them

Laurel primarily finds corporate business through LinkedIn but says, “Most of the fitness studios I coach go way too big.”

“They’ll look across the street at a company that has 300 employees and approach them about corporate fitness… that won’t work,” Laurel explains.

Here’s a quick checklist of what Laurel looks for in a corporate fitness partner:

  • 50-100 employees
  • Local ownership
  • CEO involved in the day-to-day
  • Culture
  • Core Values

Laurel wants to make sure it’s a good fit and they can team up for the long-haul.

Then what she’ll do is send a video message.

“It’s more personal, it’s specific to them and their business, and they actually get to attach a face to the person wanting to chat with them,” she explains.

She explains to them the win-win she mentions earlier and books an appointment.

Here’s what’s really cool about this strategy…

Corporate Sales Don’t Have To Be Within A 5-10-Mile Radius

With the emergence of virtual workouts, you can close corporate fitness sales anywhere.

And, with so many of their employees working remotely from home, they’ll love that you have an option for them to keep their employees happy, healthy, and fit AND a program that pays for itself.

“You have to remember that you’re addressing problems they know they have and problems they didn’t know they had,” Laurel says, “You’re making yourself into a great partner for them.”

Laurel goes into even more detail in this awesome interview.

She gives you her exact strategy, including the power of running challenges with businesses.

Watch or Listen and let me know your #1 takeaway from Laurel Roach, owner of TriFIT Wellness and her plan for corporate fitness sales.

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corporate fitness membership sales
how to close corporate fitness membership sales with laurel roach

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