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Lexi Stinger | Regional Manager of 3 Club Pilates

How This Fitness Regional Manager Doubled Club Pilates Revenue in Just One Year

Lexi Stinger | Regional Manager of 3 Club Pilates

How This Fitness Regional Manager Doubled Club Pilates Revenue in Just One Year

Lexi Stinger | Regional Manager of 3 Club Pilates



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Show Notes

In this episode of The GSD Show, we sit down with Lexi Stinger, a regional manager for three Club Pilates locations in Texas who doubled revenue in just one year. 

Today we talk about what she focuses on to grow each location and be a successful regional manager.


In terms of creating a successful team, Lexi emphasized the importance of finding people who are passionate about the brand and the industry. She looks for individuals who are self-motivated, have a positive attitude, and are team players. She also emphasizes the importance of ongoing training and development to keep the team engaged and invested in the success of the business.

Lexi touches on the importance of meeting with your team on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Once a month she has all general managers and herself meet on metrics to plan for the upcoming months. Weekly meetings are for KPI check ins, and where they’re currently pacing for the month. Daily meetings are 5-minute conversation calls where she checks in and gets updates on what their main focus is today.

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Relationship Building & Retention

Another key factor in Club Pilates’ success, according to Lexi, is their focus on building relationships with their members. She emphasizes the importance of creating a community within the studio, where members feel welcomed and supported. This involves everything from offering personalized training sessions to hosting social events and workshops.

We’ve created some things at the studios where we now do monthly member workshops that are free for all of our members, which I think has helped people get better results so they’re coming more.”

She’s also started implementing a member retention strategy. Once someone becomes a member they contact them their first day, their fifth day, their seventh day, and so on. The goal is to make sure the member is utilizing their membership. 

“When they don’t use [their membership], they don’t get results. When they don’t see results, they quit.”

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Lexi shares her belief that a good leader should always strive to improve and believe in themselves because they always have room for growth. This allows them to step up and lead effectively. She also emphasizes the importance of leading differently based on each person, and keeping lines of communication open with employees.

When asked what qualities make a good studio manager, Lexi emphasizes self-starters who are passionate about learning and improving themselves and those around them. They should be reliable, good communicators, and enthusiastic about their job. She adds that good managers should also embody the company’s values of service, passion, encouragement, and empowerment.

Getting Back to Basics

The conversation also touches on the importance of focusing on the basics and not getting distracted by other things. Lexi shares that when a studio experiences a sudden dip in revenue, it’s often because they’ve gotten away from the foundational principles that got them there in the first place. She advises to eliminate distractions and focus on the three things that will make the most impact vs time.

[WATCH: Lexi talk about getting back to the basics]

Overall, Lexi’s success as a regional manager at Club Pilates provides some valuable insights into what it takes to grow and manage a successful fitness business. By focusing on building a strong team, creating a sense of community among members, and staying responsive to changing circumstances, she has been able to drive impressive growth at all three Club Pilates locations.

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