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Karen Broadwater | President of Iron Tribe Fitness

How To Build A Winning Team At Your Gym That Stays With You For YEARS

Karen Broadwater | President of Iron Tribe Fitness

How To Build A Winning Team At Your Gym That Stays With You For YEARS

Karen Broadwater | President of Iron Tribe Fitness



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Show Notes

In this episode of The GSD Show we sit down with Karen Broadwater, the President of Iron Tribe Fitness. Today she talks about how she builds a winning team that stays with her for years. (Some of her team has stayed with her for 10+ years!)

Building a Great Company and Culture

Karen emphasized the importance of getting the marketing and people right as two key elements to building a great company. Iron Tribe Fitness has dozens of locations across the United States, and Karen has played a significant role in building a great culture and product/service for their members.

Karen discussed how to hold the people accountable who report to her and what she expects from them to have really great, profitable studios. She emphasized that it all starts with getting the right people in the door who align with their core values. They live by these values and hire/fire based on them. Karen added that tying everyone’s personal goals to the big goal is crucial to ensure that everyone is motivated and working towards a common goal.

We tie everyone else’s personal goal into our big goal so if someone really wants to go on this vacation and take their family on, then we work towards it. If we hit these numbers then you can go on that vacation…so we make certain that it’s not just a selfish mission. We make certain that our team’s personal missions can apply so that they can continue to grow and take care of their family.”

How to Hire the Best

Iron Tribe Fitness uses a personality profile test called Culture Index, which helps them eliminate candidates that aren’t a fit for the position they’re hiring for. They start the interview process by selling themselves to the candidates, and they want the candidates to fall in love with them, even if they don’t get hired. Karen emphasized the importance of matching values early on in the recruitment process to avoid the challenges of converting people to fit the values.

Karen discussed the importance of constantly making the product better and ensuring that the team is doing the right things right. She conducts secret shopping by having people come into her studio or make phone calls to test her team’s response and the overall experience. This helps her see whether the experience matches what she has built or not.

Increasing Pricing

Mike and Karen also discussed marketing and increasing pricing strategy. Karen emphasized that it’s not just about raising prices, but the value needs to match the increase in price. They constantly strive to make the product better and are always looking for ways to improve.

Karen emphasized the importance of communicating and involving the team in these decisions and committing to them even if there is disagreement.

Her and the team discuss and refine these decisions, including all stakeholders and their feedback. Karen stressed the importance of role-playing, especially when there is a disagreement. This allows them to identify problems and find solutions to execute the decision effectively.

Community in the Fitness Industry

Karen also talked about the significance of community involvement in the fitness industry. She noted that building relationships and connecting with others outside of her business has been crucial for her success. By helping and learning from others, she has gained valuable insights and developed a broader perspective on the industry.

In conclusion, Karen emphasized the importance of building a great company culture, bringing the right people onboard, and building a lean team to ensure success. It all starts with getting the marketing and people right, aligning personal goals with the big goal, and living by the core values. Building a great company takes effort, but the rewards are worth it in the long run.

Karen is apart of our 360+ program that brings together some of the top 5% of gym owners in the industry. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, schedule a free call by clicking the button below!

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