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One Move To Dramatically Improve Company Culture | The GSD Show


One Move To Dramatically Improve Company Culture | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

This is an incredible behind-the-scenes look into a Loud Rumor Account Manager Meeting, you’ll learn what it looks like to build an incredible company culture. Here are two POWERFUL TAKEAWAYS:

1. Turn Your Fitness Studio Into a Reality TV Show

What if your Fitness Studio were a Reality TV Show? Could you imagine? Forget all the drama and infighting that goes on on actual Reality TV Shows, we’re talking about who people become when there’s a camera on them… it’s actually a game-changer!

When people know they’re being watched, everything changes. They present themselves a way they want others to be seen. They step up their game. And BONUS:

Over time they become the best version of themselves that they’ve been portraying on camera.

How cool is that?

2. Tons of Brain Bombs Dropped in This Company Culture Episode

Mike works through challenges his team and our members — Fitness Studio Owners just like YOU — are facing. He drops knowledge on things like:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Hiring
  • Culture

…and MORE!

Also, pretty random, but one Loud Rumor Member claims that Mike mows the lawn with him… and believe it or not, this is something YOU should consider doing, too!

Don’t miss a minute of this awesome BTS (Behind-The-Scenes) episode of The GSD Show!

What You’ll Learn

  • A completely different approach to improving team culture
  • How to tackle common fitness studio sales objections
  • How to hire the absolute best fitness studio team
  • What types of marketing strategies work best for fitness studios

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