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How to Maximize Your Success as a Fitness Studio Franchisee | The GSD Show


How to Maximize Your Success as a Fitness Studio Franchisee | The GSD Show




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Show Notes

You didn’t become a fitness studio franchisee to own a mediocre, barely breaking even business, right? No, of course not. So, how do you becomes as successful as you want to be?

The Truth About Becoming A Successful Fitness Studio Franchisee

In this episode, we’re going to cover what you can do to be a more successful franchisee.

We’ve worked with 2,000+ fitness studio locations across the world and 50+ major franchises. So it should be no surprise when I tell you that I’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t for a franchisee.

Franchisee or not, there are pros and cons to running your own fitness studio… or any business, for that matter. The question is, how do you work through the cons and amplify the pros to win bigger than you ever have before?

Yes, You’re A Franchisee… But You’re Also An Independent Business Owner

In many ways, as a franchisee, you have the best of both worlds! Incredible brand recognition and (typically) plug-and-play systems and processes.

However, some of these can feel constricting. So how does someone like Matt Kafora get around that to become undeniably successful? Matt owns 7 Orangetheory Fitness locations and all 7 of them are earning 7-figures or more! That’s a successful franchisee, right?

Part of the reason is, Matt understands how to fit within and respect his franchisor while also understanding that he’s an independent franchisee. He’s still a business owner and focuses on what’s best for his business, first.

In this episode, you’ll learn to find the balance needed to experience the kind of success you’re seeking as a franchisee.

What You’ll Learn

  • The 1 thing successful franchisees do that others don’t
  • How to master systems within your franchise
  • Why the worst franchisees are failing in their business
  • What’s really more important, systems or employees
  • Why working too much in the business is actually a bad thing
  • And tons more!

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